Landing Page…What is it and Why You Need to Update Yours Today

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To put it simply, a landing page is the first webpage that a viewer sees when clicking on a link to your site.

Traditionally, landing pages are often a specific page with one call to action. The goal of this page is to acquire conversions. Maybe you have a free guidebook you want your viewers to download, subscribe to an email newsletter, or book a free consultation. It is often a single webpage with no navigation to other pages, it is separate from your website.

At Monterey Premier, we use a hybrid method. Most of our individual service pages are a hybrid landing page where you can still navigate to other pages via the main menu but each page is a sales funnel that leads you to engage or subscribe to the service like this page here.

The design of your landing page does matter and can be utilized to generate leads, track data, and make overall improvements to your brand.

Why does it matter?

You can think of a landing page like a first impression. When you first meet someone, your brain is making observations that conclude the person in as little as 20 seconds. Experts say that 55% of first impressions are based on what we see.

For a webpage, the attention span drops from 20 to 15 seconds maximum, to determine whether someone stays or clicks out of your site. Your landing page captures the customer, reader, or viewer and keeps them coming back for more. This is the page that portrays what you want your audience to see.

How to Improve your landing page today

So you have a landing page, but it isn’t yielding the kind of results you intended? Here are a few tips for improving your landing page right now so that you can increase your conversion rate.


It is important to determine several keywords that you want Google to rank your page with. For example, if you have a site that sells copywriting services to e-commerce businesses, then you might choose keywords like e-commerce, copywriter, and small business. Once you have chosen your keywords, it is imperative that you strategically use these on your landing page and throughout your site.


Backlinks are links on other websites that refer back to your page from other people’s blogs, pages, etc. Backlinks are still the best way to boost SEO. Reach out to influencers and respected members within your niche and see if they would be interested in linking your content on their page. Start small though, don’t expect a Fortune 500 company link to your page right away, it will take time to build some rapport.

Solve the Client’s Problem

Be transparent on your landing page. Clearly show your viewers what you do. Include a header for each service grouping followed by a subheader with about 20 words, explaining how the services benefit the client. Many websites can spend too much time on the broad picture and lose sight of the niche, why they exist.

Geno Quiroz, CEO of Monterey Premier explains that “the next objective was to clarify what we do, answer the client’s pain points, and make our messaging easier to digest…we replaced all the ‘we’ from our content and focused more in the customer” (Quiroz, 2018). Make sure that your landing page focuses more on the client and less on what you do.


Ensuring that your landing page is optimized is crucial to keep visitors returning to your site. Customize the landing page to address your audience’s needs. In addition, check over your landing page for any errors, broken links, or formatting issues. A site that looks professional gives you more credibility. Keep in mind that keeping your landing page (your entire site really) simple and condensed is important to convey a clear message.

If you are a busy entrepreneur and you need help with optimizing your landing page as well as the rest of your website, then you do not have to do this alone. There are many companies that will design and optimize a website for you so that you can get back to what you do best.

Companies such as Monterey Premier offer hosting, customized web design, and copywriting services from a professional team. They work with you personally to help you achieve your professional goals and turn website viewers into conversions.

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