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One of the most challenging aspects of managing a social media campaign for many brands is coming up with fresh content ideas that can help boost engagement. Most people expect brands to dish out quality content at all times. However, there is no denying that it can be challenging to come up with novel and engaging content ideas consistently.

If you want to create a robust social media strategy for your brand, you need to ensure you have a solid list of quality and witty content you can use to engage followers and fans all year round. It is crucial to keep in mind that 86% of social media users follow their favorite brands on social media. Also, they’re often after relevant content rather than mere promotional ones.

Fortunately, from using emojis to creating unique videos, there is no shortage of ways you can provide more appealing and diverse content that can enhance the user experience, regardless of the business you are in. Below are fantastic social media content ideas you can use to spice up your social media campaigns:

Poll Your Audience

Besides web scraping tools, polling your audience is also a quick and easy way to engage with your followers and discover more about them and what makes them tick. Nowadays, you can easily create a Twitter or Facebook poll so you can engage with your followers and fans in just a matter of minutes.

A poll is also an effective way for you to find out more about your audience’s preferences, so you know how to adjust your strategy and provide the best online experience.

Share User-Generated Content from Followers and Fans

One great way to give fans and followers a fresh perspective on your brand is through user-generated content. Some studies show that most consumers trust content from a real person more than content generated by brands themselves. A survey conducted by AdWeek echoed this sentiment when they revealed that 76% of consumers trust only consumer recommendations.

If you would like to establish a strong relationship with your leads and consumers, sharing user-generated content is also one of the best strategies you can look into and try. This tactic is considered a great marketing strategy as it showcases the idea that other people think your company is excellent.

Hold a Contest or Giveaway

Everybody loves free stuff! That said, contests can be a fantastic way to engage your followers and fans while establishing your clout and growing your fan and follower base. A report from Tailwind indicates that Instagram accounts that run contests consistently grow their accounts 70 times faster!

Post Behind-the-Scenes Videos and Photos 

Sharing behind-the-scenes videos and photos from your brand is also an effective way to build a stable relationship with your followers. On top of that, this strategy is also an engaging way to show them that behind the company is a group of warm and passionate people working so hard to provide quality products and services.

To boost engagement, Flight Media posted a picture of their new office. The post aims to give users an intimate look at the company’s progress and growth through an image of their new office. However, the post not only highlighted the company’s recent milestone, but it also gave users a rare opportunity to see what the company’s workspace looks like.

Make Use of “Reactions” on Facebook

For many people, the reaction button is hands down one of Facebook’s most fun features. This feature also allows users to respond to posts on Facebook using one of five reaction emojis. That means instead of merely “liking” a post, users now have the option to choose “haha,” “love,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry.”

While the reaction emojis are typically used to react to content from friends and family, brands can also use the buttons to engage fans and followers and gauge feelings and interest in their posts.

For instance, Axe’s post indicates the most prevalent reactions their fans have about the video they posted. Simultaneously, the reaction emojis make it very easy for the brand to see how the viewers feel about the content in general. If your post gets a lot of angry reactions, consider that your cue to revisit your social media content strategy.

Repurpose Some of Your Videos and Blogs

Creating excellent and engaging content doesn’t always require re-inventing the wheel each time. If truth be told, there are diverse ways you can repurpose content you already have and still get value out of it over time.

This strategy, however, will entail more than just reposting content on all your social media channels. This also includes turning content into different formats so you can engage diverse fans and followers.

For instance, you can show a short sneak peek of a video you posted on YouTube on your Instagram account. The sneak peek will not only create excitement, but it can also help drive more traffic to your YouTube page.

It is vital to remember that repurposing is not limited to videos alone. You can also turn blog posts into infographics or transform meaty blog posts into informative e-books. This strategy allows you to maximize the benefits each piece of content provides.

Get Involved in Trending Topics

Jumping on trending topics (given that it’s done in good taste) is another excellent way to increase exposure and dramatically boost engagement. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter make it very easy to know what’s popular and talked about on their platforms by providing a list of trending topics.

However, jumping on just about any trend is not recommended. You need to take into account a few crucial things before jumping in on the latest trend. First, you need to have a clear understanding of the trend and how it relates to your brand.

If you have something valuable to add to the conversation, you can easily take advantage of the trending topic to win new people. Also, while using hashtags can be very beneficial, be careful about using too many, especially on Instagram. While you are allowed to use as many as 30, a TrackMaven research revealed that using nine hashtags is ideal.

Final Thoughts

At its core, social media is all about showing your brand’s human side, building trust, increasing transparency, and connecting with your target audience on a personal level. As a general rule of thumb, focus on simple, fun, and exciting content that will foster engagement and show your audience you care about them.

After all, a robust social media content strategy will not only ensure you get ahead of the pack, it can also help guarantee massive and consistent revenue.

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