We Take Your Website Security Very Seriously and So Should You

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WordPress and Maintenance and Hosting is an Important Consideration for Your Website.

WordPress and Divi sites need frequent updates for basic infrastructure, theme, plugins and a solid hosting platform to help with speed and security.

One of our commitments at Monterey Premier is to ensure the security of your WordPress websites which is why we have partnered with Flywheel to offer you the very best in fast and secure WordPress hosting & maintenance solutions starting back in 2018.

Our platform is continuously being updated to protect you against attacks. We regularly look at the latest security best practices. Now more than ever, during these challenging times all over the world and especially when the use of the web is on the rise, increased security measures is an ongoing necessity.

Some of our clients prefer to learn how to maintain their own website in-house. So, these are some basic tips for those who are also interested in maintaining their own WordPress site.

Some Tips To Help You Keep Your Site Secure.

Below are our recommended best practices to improve your chance of staying safe from a security incident or malicious attack:

Create a Strong Username and Password.

These logins give you access to all the administrative controls of your website and should be treated as sensitive as your bank account login credentials. A password manager like LastPass can be helpful to generate and store strong, unique passwords across all sites requiring a login.

Make Sure Your Plugins, Theme, and WordPress Are All Up to Date.

Make sure your plugins, theme and WordPress are all up to date as frequently as possible and remove any plugins not in use. Updates are one of the best ways to stay ahead of potential security risks. These plugin and theme updates often include fixes to resolve known issues and to strengthen your site against potential attacks.

Manually Accept On-Site Comments

If people are able to post comments directly to your website, there’s a chance that malicious links might sneak into the comments section. I see this all the time. This can be potentially very dangerous for your visitors, who might click on the link and risk exposing personal data or accidentally install malware. I recommend changing your site’s settings so that you need to manually approve comments before they appear on your site, giving you the chance to delete any spam.

Back-Up Your Site as Often as Possible.

Creating backups of your website ensures that if your website is comprised for some reason, you’d still have a recent version of your site ready to be restored. The more frequently you update your website, the more frequent your backups should be.

Understand That Hosting Plays a Big Role as Well.

Although a website’s security is largely dependent on an administrator’s behavior as mentioned above, the hosting company’s infrastructure can represent one of the largest weaknesses. I have had to clean up many hacked sites simply because of a host’s vulnerability. Be sure to look for the providers that include firewalls, monitoring services, and other security add-ons such as cleaning up linfected sites as part of their service. Ideally, a successful hosting relationship is a long term commitment. Looking for a new hosting provider can be a pain. Instead of constantly looking for the next best thing, find a web host that is in it for the long haul.

In Closing

Here at Monterey Premier, we’re committed to the performance and security of your website. If you are not already signed up with our hosting and monthly maintenance services, take a look at what we offer and let us help you make sure your site is safe and secure as your business now relies on it more than ever.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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