Top 15 eCommerce Marketing Tools to Use for Success in 2020

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An online store is one of the latest trends in the world of digital marketing and branding, and there are numerous opportunities available for anyone looking to start their own eCommerce business.

Whether you’re an agency, a musician, a well-established firm, or even a small business holder, eCommerce marketing tools will be of some point of relevance and a fundamental part of any business to flourish.

Good marketing tools and tactics allow you to interact with audiences who land on the website with intrigue and a need to explore. A suitable eCommerce marketing strategy will help decide which of the tools can play a big role in helping targeted clients and which ones are beneficial for your growth compared to the competitors.  

Over the last five years, eCommerce has grown by a massive amount, and by 2021, eCommerce is said to reach the $4.9 trillion mark. This has seen eCommerce investments skyrocket over the last few years, and there are plenty of tools that will help you work towards creating a smarter and more efficient eCommerce store. 

Relying on the right tools is an exercise that needs to be executed perfectly so you can launch pre-digital plans to excite targeted audiences will keep an eye out for website releases and products. 

1. Prisync

Prisync offers ideal pricing for software that can help understand the competition, listen, optimize prices, and then maximize revenue from single dashboards with which you can analyze competitors seamlessly.

Founded in 2013, Prisync offers a 14-day free trial and demo accessibility. They also offer dynamic pricing at any collaboration or level. The pricing starts from $59/month for professionals and goes up to $229/month for up to 5000 products. They also offer marketing stack integrations for Shopify and Magento. The client-base consists of Internet Reptile and Infinity MotorCycles.

The other benefits include accurate, trendy data, and 5-star customer service. The subscription terms are also fully-flexed and affordable, with flawless integration as well. 

2. Keap

Keap works with a regular follow-up chain and automated workspace that helps in organizing client information, along with business-oriented communication. This can all be done at one single place and creates a repeatable sales process from different appointments, thus resulting in more business. 

Founded in 2001, Keap comes with a 14-day free trial availability, and the demo, too, is available. It can be used to maintain leads and has other features including regular daily work, automated follow-ups, client-focused features and comes at affordable pricing ranges – the Grow Package starts at $23/month, the Pro package comes at $44/Month and the Infusionsoft package is at $59/Month.

There is also marketing stack integration in the form of AdEspresso, Zapier,, Bonhoro, Customer, Deadline Funnel, and more. They offer effortless CRM management and allow you to make schedules with relative ease, with marketing automation and sales converting and pipelining. 

3. Rejoiner

Rejoiner is an eCommerce marketing tool that manages the email workflow with the help of email marketing consultation that can be used to regulate email flows and also deliver them with a personalized touch and feel, delivered on time. 

The company was founded in 2011, and the accessibility of the demo is available on request. The flexible pricing also comes with customized features on demand. The marketing stack integration options include BigCommerce, WooCommerce, AmeriCommerce, Magento, and more. Their client base includes the likes of Hydro Flask, Guess, and more. 

The main benefits of Rejoiner include better conversion rates, smarter segmentation, VIP leveraging as well as an overall reduction in the cart abandonment rates as well. 

4. AdNabu

When it comes to Google ads software, no one does it better than AdNabu. They have a huge inventory to run ads for thousands of products and then smartly picking out the most effective ones from the lot. They also have a targeted ads section that can be constantly updated and handled by them for effective catalog management.  

By also optimizing campaigns where products are changing, AdNabu will be able to optimize all your campaigns and make sure they are continuously synced as well. With the changes tracked, the new methodologies can be implemented into future ads and campaigns and are optimized accordingly.

5. TaggShop

TaggShip is an eCommerce marketing tooand commerce platform built around visual communication that empowers clients in the B2B segment to discover, curate and aggregate the most engaging UGC from different social media platforms and then display it as shoppable content.

Founded in 2015, TaggShop comes with a 14-day free trial along with demo accessibility. The offered services are in the fields of social media content aggregation, social commerce tracking, visual commerce, and it also comes with a suite for marketing stack integrations as well. Their benefits include live chat support, easier management of the dashboard, traffic and sales insights, and performance analytics. 

6. YoGrow

Simple eCommerce analytics and insights are one of the most required facets of any businesses that need to grow. By keeping this growth on track in the form of sales, YoGrow allows businesses to measure their performance with a readable email report with comparative reports that can be customized.

Founded in 2011, YoGrow offers growth reporting, qualified lead building, and email reports. The marketing stack integration is in the form of WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and more. It can also improve conversion rates, increase client reach, and set up recurring payment networks. 

7. DotDigital

DotDigital is an eCommerce marketing tool that helps engagement interfaces for targeted customers to help empower them and turn customer insight and data into omnichannel campaigns. This can help generate more revenue and streamline marketing campaigns.

Founded in 1999, DotDigital comes with a 2-week free trial with demo accessibility on request. There is also effortless email management with web campaign schedulers and mobile app integrations. They have a marketing stack integration as well, with the likes of Shopify, Salesforce, Antavo, Magento, and more available. The client base consists of Virgin Active, ™ Lewin, Team GB, Barbour, and more. The benefits include 24×5 support, real-time customer solutions, and bespoke campaign management. 

8. Promo

A renowned name in the world of video making, Promo allows professionals to effectively grow their business and generate leads via videos. They have a creative hub that allows for the feasibility to promote anything, with unlimited creativity.

Founded in 2012, Promo offers mighty collections, with great support and content, along with a lifetime license. They also offer TechPoint Solutions, Online Optimization, and BlitzMetrics, among others.

9. Reactful

Reactful is an eCommerce marketing tool that expands on-page leads, views, and is driven by AI to provide a great experience for the flourishing engagement of leads and effective conversions. Reactful was founded in 2014 and can schedule demos on request. The offered features include a more AI-powered approach, with swipes, scrolls, and monitor gestures in real-time. There are also personal notifications and guidelines for users.

The client base includes the likes of Sage Intact, Kimberly-Clark, Movistar, and Farmers Insurance. Overall, the benefits include boost engagement, improved conversions, and a UI that is easy to use.

10. Triberr

A content marketing platform, in essence, Triberr helps in boosting social reach and content via the power of their tribe. These include an army of professional influencers and bloggers, and they can help get more shares and enlarge the social presence.

Founded in 2011, Triberr offers free trials on request and has a host of segmented features. They have a strong client base of HubSpot, Wishpond, Faith Filler Parenting, and Career Foundry. The benefits also include collaboration between influencers and professionals and more social shares as well.

11. Brand24

Offering competition tracking, hashtag monitoring, reputation management, and more, Brand24 makes it easy to gain instant access to social and online mentions and also review and grow customer satisfaction in the process.

It was founded in 2010 and had a free trial availability of 14 days. The features include instant notification management, automated reports, hashtag reach, and metrics management, among others. Their client base includes the likes of Uber, Ikea, H&M, and Zortax, and their feature benefits include better customer engagement, online reputation, and customer satisfaction. 

12. Everypost

The Everypost modules make it easy to create and curate visual content from a host of services. These include scheduling and customizing posts to take better control of social pages. They also offer a convenient publishing platform to share multimedia content across platforms.

The features they offer include post customization, content curation, collaboration, social analytics, and scheduling. They offer their services on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Pinterest, and more. It can automate social activities with ease and also help reach a broader audience base.

13. Dasheroo

Dasheroo works with business performance metrics on a user-friendly dashboard with which you can monitor and access all KPI data from one place. Founded in 2014, it offers intelligent insights and tools stack integrations to the likes of YouTube, PayPal, Facebook Advertising, Zapier, Salesforce, and more.

Their client base includes the likes of SeaLink, Zurb, Transcend Soctal, and VA Staffer. They also come with benefits that include real-time data streaming and chat, instant notification management, easier analysis of causations data and correlations, and well-organized data that is secure as well. 

14. Nutshell

A powerful CRM tool with a multitude of features, Nutshell stimulates personal email sequences, a multi-sale pipeline, one-click phone dial as well as recording and funnel. It also generates effective activity reports with which you can optimize the team effort and focus more time on building client relationships. 

They offer features such as sales automation, reporting and performance tracking, pipeline and contact management, consistent customer support, and more. Their tool stack integration includes G Suite, Office 365, Slack, Mailchimp, and Unbounce, among others. Their key benefits include account-based sales, nurture sales relationship regulatory, and inbound and outbound sales. 

15. Antavo

Antavo offers a loyalty program on a retail business platform. They can build engaging and strong omnichannel loyalty programs and effectively convert customer data into more personalized experiences with the help of loyalty programs as well. 

You can turn CRM actionable, boost your marketing automation, identify your customers with the help of POS, and also feed relevant data to BI. Their stack integrations include the likes of Salesforce, DotDigital, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and Google Pay, among others. 

They also offer benefits, including real-time notifications to clients based on preferences, customer engagement, recognizing customers along the lines of their membership plans, and offering GOLD plans as well. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best eCommerce marketing tools available, and they require effective testing. You will be able to find the one that fits your needs best by testing them out in different scenarios and finalizing the one that your company requires. 

Once you finalize, you can go ahead and upgrade yourself to their full suite of features and start integrating your business effectively. 

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