The Benefits of Moving Your eCommerce Business to Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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To stay competitive, retailers are considering multiple channels for distribution and sales. In the last 20 years, we have experienced drastic growth in the number of consumers preferring online purchasing, post getting recommendations from their friends.

Today, there are about 7.6 billion people all over the globe, in contrast to the 1.66 billion recorded in 2017.

Generally, businesses constantly open and make themselves adjustable into the gaps for winning a share of that revenue, which makes them competitive in this cut-throat market. The platform they pick lays a crucial impact on their operations, agility, scalability, and specifically on the customer experience. When talking about today’s scenario, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has appeared to be one of the top platforms in all such corners.

Today, we are here to recommend that you should move your eCommerce business to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We will also let you know why there’s such a need by showcasing a few benefits in front of you. So, let’s get started.

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

You might not be new to Commerce Cloud, but a few may need its introduction. So, we will first make a clear picture of Commerce Cloud.

More than just being an online shopping cart, Commerce Cloud is a leading B2C and B2B commerce solution, worldwide. It is a cloud-based, multi-tenant commerce platform that strengthens brands to craft smart, unified buying experience all across channels, such as web, social, mobile, and store.

Furthermore, Commerce Cloud provides a suite of perfect features sketched to convert how brands link with their customers at each stage of the customers’ trip. Besides, Commerce Cloud develops a smooth transition from one channel to another so each business is backed across all mediums and points of engagement.

Along with the shifts in the buying habits of consumers and the technology utilized to complete the purchases, this sort of omnichannel oversight provides a retailer an enhanced control straight from invention through engagement, analytics, transactions, community development, customer service, and relationship building.

In July 2016, when Salesforce developed Demandware and utilized that acquisition to roll out Commerce Cloud, it appended eCommerce to an enterprise-grade platform entirely with scalable technology embracing the globe’s #1 CRM, sales, marketing, service, reporting, help desk software, and more. Apart from being omnichannel commerce, it’s also unified commerce.

 Top Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud (a few)

  • Comprehensive development platform       
  • Responsive mobile design
  • Catalog management
  • Product management
  • Customer catalog entitlements
  • Targeted promotion management
  • Marketing and merchandising tools
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer and segment-specific pricing
  • Real-time reports and dashboards, and more.

What are the Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Increased Marketing Tools

With the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, merchants become capable of sharing and handling product information. This information includes websites, categories, images, and content. Along with the latest cloud technology, you can also fuse all such things on sites with many languages and currencies.

Right product, value, time, variety, and content, is something on which you can rely on this Commerce cloud model. Such variants together enhance the value of your product and boost your conversion rate.

Internalization of Storefronts

Salesforce Commerce Cloud can handle many storefronts locations, from a solo back-end. Along with this, you can manage product data sets easily for distinct stores. Moreover, it can handle various complexities easily, such as pricing, billing, and product availability.

Predictive Intelligence

The close personalization belonging to the commerce cloud is important for brands, who have the desire to be competitive. As per a record, 63% of consumers that are surveyed are incorporated into the personalized recommendations. And most of them are all set to share their data to reap benefits, such as automatic credits for loyalty points and coupons.

For a customized experience and smarter predictive, businesses can depend on the commerce cloud to raise conversions and customer loyalty. Through the integrated purchasing experience, Commerce Cloud makes it comfortable for customers to purchase from anywhere. With this, they can purchase either from mobile, social media platforms, web or in-store.


Generally, the growing security of cloud hosting is another reason that businesses should incorporate carrying their eCommerce operations into the Cloud. Now, the growing number of industry proficients are rating Cloud data security as best as with the security of the locally hosted, because technology enhances this opinion.

Rich Mobile Experience

The figure of users shopping online is increasing constantly. Also, Google has rolled out first-ever mobile-first indexing that is a clear indication of the significance of mobile traffic. The mobile-first strategy of Commerce Cloud offers various benefits to businesses.

Open Customization

Commerce Cloud offers you the opportunity to craft a unified customer experience. This involves the checkout process, but it may not be essential. Among the top commerce solutions, Salesforce entirely supports Apple Pay online, offering customers a smooth single-page checkout that permits them to accomplish their transaction with a solo touch.

Top-Class Customer Support

Through Salesforce Commerce Cloud, all its merchants attain 24*7 and constant assistance, and it just makes sure that their business performs well and seamlessly. Also accomplishes success within time. Furthermore, the support it provides resolves all the issues starting from the fixing codes to enhancing security concerns, and more. 


Being a cloud-based product, Salesforce Commerce Cloud can keep up with huge demands and traffic spikes with no need for planning. If the demand experiences a sudden spike, the platform silently scales in the background without any need for intervention. 

Omni-channel Functionalities

When multiple marketing and service channels twist together and perform with each other, at this moment multichannel emerges into omni-channel. In terms of customer experience, omni-channel leads to a single, smooth integration with consumers all across the channels, both offline and online. This may incorporate all touchpoints in the customer lifecycle – social media, websites, follow-up emails, phone calls, live chats, and in-person assistance on the sales floor. So, by investing in unified customer experiences that are powered by omni-channel platforms, such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the brands are attaining new success levels and developing enhanced meaningful customer relationships. 

Wrapping Up

The scalable eCommerce platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud holds various merchandising functionalities. Various store management, customer segmentation, internationalization are some of the functionalities.

Although, the decision of picking any such Salesforce clouds relies on your business profile, needs, and priority. If you fail to handle your infrastructure and require a platform, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is best for you.

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