The Benefits of Going to a Coding Bootcamp after College

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Life becomes overwhelming when the final year kicks in, as you know all too well that your career path will depend heavily on the choices you’re about to make. And of course, you’d probably be happy to just do some soul-searching, try a few paid internships or test the working waters of your preferred industry.

However, those among you who’ve always had a preference for making things happen, the world of entrepreneurship or broadening your skill horizons might seem more appealing. But why not combine the best of both worlds? A coding boot-camp prepares you for innovation while helping you gain better control of your future endeavors, no matter what they may be.

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Short and sweet

Although the four-year college experience has its matchless perks, especially for those who strive to remain in the sphere of academia and turn it into a career, our fast-paced world favors the hands-on approach you will encounter in a coding boot-camp. It’s no wonder then that the majority of boot-camp participants, or 71% to be more precise, already have a bachelor’s degree, who are mostly looking to switch careers or enrich their skill-base.

In a period of just a few weeks, approximately from 8 to 12 (that’s the short part), you will try your hand at the programming techniques that are in high demand (that’s the sweet part), so that you can either monetize your knowledge immediately, or make the most of it by putting it to good use for your own business.

Relevant subject matter

Unlike your typical college course with entire semesters focused on abstract math and inapplicable notions that only bear relevance in the classroom, a boot-camp is designed to provide you with the knowledge you can use immediately and in almost every situation. Just like you would take private tuition courses to prepare for a specific segment of your entrance exam, a coding boot-camp targets precisely the skills you need for entering the software universe successfully.

These courses are meant to prepare you for the real world of coding, and while nothing can compare to the rewarding experience of learning for the sake of learning that you get in college, you can easily mix and match your passion and skills. For instance, upon finishing your coding camp, you can integrate your university degree in a complementary subject such as business or marketing and turn it into a fruitful business endeavor.

A rich portfolio

Yes, your university grades still mean quite a lot in the competitive world of employment, but if you would like to work in the realm of, for instance, app development, no grade can compare to a lengthy portfolio. You will end your boot-camp experience with an impressive list showcasing your original projects that speak volumes about your strengths and potential. And needless to say, innovation is a sought-after skill in every industry, let alone software development.

In addition to being hefty, your portfolio also shows how well you can cope with the constantly changing nature of modern technology and which segment is the best fit for your skills. For instance, according to Domains Index, almost nine million domains are merely numbers, which makes a difference for a business wanting to step into the Chinese market online, and simply being up to date with these trends can make or break your next job interview for a position that includes data mining for market research.

Better employment options

And not just in terms of salaries, although these are also quite enticing, as based on a Course Report study, an average 44% increase in pay was seen after the boot-camp. But primarily, your chances of getting a job are incredibly high, especially if you take into consideration that the entire field is in demand and that these courses are tailored precisely to introduce more viable candidates into the work force.

Final Thoughts

Even if you’ve joined a course out of a desire to switch professions, some camps include career advisors, a job-offer guarantee, others even a refund of your tuition if you don’t get hired. It’s a promising teaching system that allows you a chance to thrive in this competitive world, and the boot-camps have an added edge of compact, targeted learning that benefits both you as a future employee (or entrepreneur with a vision to build an online empire) and your future employer.

What is your coding experience? Did you go to college or some boot-camp?

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