How to Keep Your Truck Drivers Happy

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How to Keep Your Truck Drivers Happy

Driving across the country is no easy task. Drivers who work for hours at end can become tired, anxious, and physically strained. By keeping your drivers happy, they can get to their destination faster and be ready for their next trip.

Regularly-Spaced Breaks

As contradictory as it may seem, taking breaks makes a trip go faster. Drivers who take regularly-spaced breaks can recover both mentally and physically, which allows them to drive at their maximum potential. DOT regulations state that drivers can only spend so much time on the road depending on the length of breaks.

Encouraging Additional Breaks

Outside of the necessary breaks, encouraging additional breaks could be a good idea too. These respites don’t need to be excessively long, as even a short period of stretching and eating can do wonders. When drivers get back on the road, they’ll be refreshed and ready to finish the transport. Not only are these breaks for the driver’s safety, but also for the safety of other drivers on the road. Road safety is everybody’s responsibility.


It is essential that drivers focus on the road while on the job. Recreation while driving can include background music to keep spirits up, mostly from radios and phones, using playlists prepared before getting on the road. Research companies like EpicVue and consider installing satellite TVs in your drivers’ trucks. Whether your drivers are single drivers or alternating for particularly long journeys, these televisions can provide a good source of entertainment for your drivers.

The off-duty driver can head to the back of the truck and watch television, rotating to the front when it is his turn to handle the wheel. As long as these electronics do not distract the main driver, they are excellent ways to keep them happy throughout a trip.

Reward at the Destination

People like to drive when there is a purpose to their work. When it feels monotonous and just another day on the job, they can become depressed and unwilling to cooperate. At the end of each trip, plan some sort of reward at the destination and mention this beforehand. This can include watching a ball game, drinks at a bar, or a video game hangout. Throughout the journey, they will be able to focus on these activities instead of suffering through pointless hours of driving.

Final Thoughts

If you think driving is just driving, think again. There are ups and downs to the process, and just a few small steps on your part can make your drivers much happier. They will perform better and you will notice this improvement.

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