Job Search In A Foreign Country During COVID: 7 Tips

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Job searching is always a challenge! But the advent of COVID-19 caught the world completely off-guard.

Many countries closed their borders overnight, stranding other nations’ citizens abroad. Tourists, businessmen, and migrants alike ended up stuck, with little hope of things getting back to normal any time soon.

The job market also suffered due to lockdowns and general economic turmoil. Finding a good position became especially problematic for those stranded abroad. Presenting a well-written CV became more crucial than ever. Services that helped applicants do so, like PurpleCV, became essential for job seekers.

Although we’ve come a long way since then, aspects of this instability are still around today. Job seekers abroad may need to adjust their tactics to adapt to their environment and the chaos that still persists.

Here are some helpful tips for job searching abroad:

Consult With the Locals

Many applicants assume that globalization has created universal recruitment and work culture. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

When looking to get a job abroad, you should first take the time to research the local employment culture. Have a chat with a few locals who have relevant experience. What do they usually value and expect? What type of employers should you be wary of and avoid? Figure out how companies do business around these parts.

Adjust Your Job Search

Not all types of jobs are universal. True, there is usually some overlap between job markets in different countries. However, you can always count on things being at least slightly different abroad.

This calls for a lot of research on the subject. If you want to find a job abroad, first you need to figure out what type of job you want to do, then see if such work is in demand. You may well need to adjust your expectations and searches to reflect the reality of the local labor market.

Check Local Job Boards

Local companies looking for work are most likely to post their job ads on local job boards. While some may be looking for deckhands on platforms such as LinkedIn, you can’t solely depend on that.

Research what the most popular local job boards are. Additionally, look for niche forums and social media groups related to your chosen field of work. You may find invaluable ideas on how to proceed there.

Show Your Flexibility

Focus on soft, transferable skills when writing your CV. Creativity and communication are universally valued skills, regardless of where you are. Problem solving and adaptability can also be just as valuable as direct experience in the field. Digital skills are also in demand in the increasingly remote world of 2021.

Emphasizing your flexibility is paramount in the current environment. Remember, there is such a thing as an overly-qualified candidate, but there’s no such thing as a candidate who’s too adaptable and eager to learn and adjust.

Don’t Neglect International Searches

The pandemic forced quite a few companies to undergo a paradigm shift when it comes to white-collar work. Now businesses are looking for remote employees for any job that can be done outside of the office or production facility.

This has broadened the scope of many companies’ searches dramatically. Keep this in mind, as you may well be able to take advantage of this fact. Just because you’re stuck abroad doesn’t mean that a company back home won’t give you a job. Keep your job searches focused on the job you want to do, but don’t limit their scope to the local level.

Remote Job Interviews and Work: Be Prepared

Even though lockdowns are being eased and the world is gradually opening up, digitization is not going away any time soon. This means a few things for your job-seeking efforts – not least that virtual interviews and remote work are also here to stay.

Job seekers should be prepared for a digital first meeting, regardless of where they are and what sort of work they’re looking for. Setting up an interview space with a good Internet connection is essential here. Additionally, getting familiar with popular video-conference software will help you avoid technical difficulties. Having a smooth interview is an excellent way of demonstrating your technological aptitude.

Develop Locally Marketable Skills

Doing some research on the local job market is essential for fine-tuning your CV, as well as adjusting your expectations and future plans. Studying the job ads for positions you’re eyeing is particularly helpful, as they will give you an idea of what skills are marketable.

Once you have established what employers abroad are looking for in a worker, you can start nurturing those skills. Brushing up on old knowledge, or even developing an entirely new skill set takes time and effort. Still, it may well be worth it if it gives you a better shot at landing a good job.

Final Thoughts

Getting a job in a foreign country may be a bit trickier now than it had been before COVID-19. Yet, it could be done if you adopt the right attitude, look in the right places, and persevere.

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