How To Improve Your Job Prospects Post-COVID

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Job search has never been a simple task, and the ongoing pandemic certainly hasn’t made it easier.

The UK doesn’t have it nearly as bad as many other countries when it comes to unemployment at the moment. However, finding a job in this climate presents its own unique set of challenges.

The good news is that despite all the bankruptcies and financial distress going around the business world, companies are still looking to hire. As a job seeker, you need to appeal to the right people to have a chance of landing a good position. This is easier said than done, but by no means impossible.

Be Upfront And Honest

The relationship between an employee and the company they work for should be one of mutual respect and trust. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to looking for a job. Make absolutely sure that the information in your CV is up to date and accurate.

Your prospective employer is sure to check your background and credentials. You need to be certain that what they find matches what you wrote down in your resume. If there are any inconsistencies, you are probably won’t have the chance to convince them that you’re the right pick for the job.

Get Comfortable with Video Job Interviews

Health and safety regulations, lock-downs, and convoluted restrictions have made businesses reexamine their work patterns. As a result of this paradigm shift, a staggering amount of work is now being done off-site, including: business processes,  marketing, IT & HR, etc.

As it turns out, interviews can be done quite effectively via video call – so, typically, that’s how recruiters are conducting interviews currently. As a job seeker, you need to use HR’s favorite video platforms and be comfortable talking in front of a camera.

The energy of an online interview is not the same as an in-person one. The medium itself imposes various limitations on the participants. If you want to have a chance at scoring a good job, you will have to master it. Investigate all the popular video call platforms to avoid running into technical difficulties.

Be More Flexible

It’s important to keep in mind that the pandemic has imposed various unfortunate constraints on businesses. As a job seeker, you need to consider that when forming your expectations and criteria about your prospective employer and endeavor to meet them halfway.

It’s understandable if you have personal standards, and, for instance, don’t want to work longer hours, or at unusual times. You may not be willing to start right away or wait for more than a month to take the position. Taking on unusual tasks that you don’t feel qualified enough for is another thing that may turn you off a job proposal.

Consider such conundrums very carefully and decide on which points you are willing to compromise. Is the problematic aspect of the position really a deal-breaker?

Could you perhaps persuade your prospective employer to make some mutually beneficial adjustments that to suit both your needs? If so, maybe you should give the job a go.

Demonstrate Willingness and Energy

Being proactive and demonstrating your confidence, positivity and enthusiasm is more or less mandatory for job seekers nowadays. Employers can’t spend extra time getting to know you. Hence, during your brief communications with the recruiters you will need to show them that you’ll bring energy to the company.

Mustering enthusiasm and confidence can be challenging in the current environment, especially for introverts and shy people. Regardless of your personal feelings, energy is crucial for landing a job – so make sure you do your best to appear upbeat and enthusiastic.

Have Realistic Expectations About Your New Job

Landing your dream job is going to be difficult in what closely resembles an employer’s market, like the one we’re facing now. The economic downturn we’re experiencing has been likened to other recent crises. However, the specifics of the current situation make it quite distinct from all of them.

Many companies that are in desperate need of workers also have to deal with severe budget constraints. Job seekers need to keep realistic expectations in mind, both when looking for open positions and when negotiating with prospective employers.

Final Thoughts

During the uncertain times of a global pandemic, and in the near future after, finding a job as well as recruitment have undergone tremendous changes. For sure, either have really expected things to be the way they are now.

Communication predominantly via tech, video interviews, flexible work hours, remote office and contracted job roles is what paints the picture of the COVID and post-COVID world of work. Job seekers’ best bet is to adapt to these new ways and use them to their best advantage. It could be the time for career growth, personal development and side hustles so let’s make goals happen!

George Griffiths is the managing director of uCheck DBS Checks. In 2013, George came on board full time with the goal of working together to create a fluid and successful business development structure. His focus for the future is to drive the development of the uCheck  HR Platform and continue to align his way of working with their mission statement — to always care about getting it right.

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