How to Make Items the Fullwidth of The Screen in Divi

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I have been asked by my clients why the section or module they added does not span the full width of the page. Both issues were an easy fix and I knew exactly what the issue was.

By default, Divi adds padding to the top and bottom of the section and the rows. It also sets a width of 80% and a max-width depending on the Customizer settings.

Divi does come with a few prebuilt Fullwidth sections but I find that I like to stick with regular sections for the flexibility.

So in this Divi Quick Tip, I will show you how to adjust your settings so that the module will span the fullwidth of the page like the example below.


Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Make Items the Fullwidth of The Screen in Divi

This tutorial is intended to quickly show you how to adjust the section and row settings so that you item is the fullwidth of the screen on desktop monitors. I will be using the Divi Visual Editor but you can easily do this with the Divi Classic Editor or in Divi Wireframe mode as well

Adjust Divi Section Padding to Remove Top & Bottom Padding

1. Click on “Section Settings” (gear icon)

2. Click on the “Design” tab and open the “Spacing” toggle

3. Type “0px” in the Top and Bottom Padding boxes

4. Click the Green check mark in the bottom right corner

Adjust Divi Row Padding & Sizing

5. Click on “Row Settings” (gear icon)

6. Click on the “Design” tab and open the “Sizing” toggle

7. Set the width and max-width to 100%

8. Open the “Spacing” Toggle

9. Type “0px” in the Top and Bottom Padding boxes

10. Click the Green check mark in the bottom right corner


If you are using the Blurb Module, you might notice it does not stretch fullwidth by default. That is because that module has a max-width of about 550px by default. You just have to open the module settings to make sure it is also set to 100% width & max-width.

So be sure to check the module settings or make sure the image is large enough if you are still having problems getting content to fit the fullwidth of the screen

Make Sections Fullwidth in Divi

And that’s it. As long as the content itself (images and videos) is large enough most modules will stretch the fullwidth of the screen.

If you have any additional topics you would like me to cover, please let me know. Have fun!

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