How to Figure Out Your Target Audience and Maximize Marketing ROI

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In the world of modern marketing, a scattergun approach is not the most effective tactic one can pursue. Many marketers have learned this the hard way, although some of them still do not understand that target market is not just some buzzword. Well, with a wealth of information at fingertips, and powerful software tools to process it, there is no excuse not to implement a more targeted method. Rest assured that the homework that needs to be done will be time-communing, but also that it will pay dividends later.

Sharpening the focus

Marketing ROIFor small businesses and startups, spreading their resources too thin is a dangerous pitfall. To really hit the mark, you first have to discover where it and allocates your resources accordingly.  Only then one can proceed and put marketing channels and SEO tools to good use and start polishing products and services.  You can make sure that your online campaigns do not fall short and content does not prove to be irrelevant to people. This due diligence is what separates amateurs from the pros.

Thus, strive to look beyond indiscriminate marketing and introduce the right people to your offerings. Or to put it other words, it is time to narrow the gaze. First off, determine what needs your products, services, and marketing messages are supposed to address. This will help you identify who is most likely to pay money and attention to them.  A middle-aged father of two children has different needs than a college freshman and they tend to spend their discretionary incomes in different ways.

Rites of passage

Take into account a variety of factors such as gender, age, geographical location, profession, buying power, etc. Note that they can be utilized as sorts of a multi-stage funnel that gradually takes you closer to the buyer’s persona you will target. The trick is to decide which factors to kick off the journey with, where to go from there, and what could be the final destination. Once you move through these successive filters, you should have a much better idea about further steps.

Feel free to experiment with different combinations of factors and learn from the trial and error process. The more specific findings you acquire, the more success you are likely going to have with your marketing. Let us say, for instance, that you want to create a blog about extreme sports to spread brand awareness. You have a lot of ground to cover because this thrilling field of interests has a plethora of different disciplines, from ice skating to dog sledding.

Two sides of the coin

It goes without saying that research must be rooted in objective data and metrics. Nowadays, there is a multitude of sources you can tap into, including customer feedback, social interactions, email surveys, marketing agencies, etc. The internet is an immense ocean of data that stands at your disposal. Therefore, pinpoint positive responses and promising demographic groups. You can also draw insight from your competition and assess the profile of people who buy their products and services.

One important thing to note, however, is that practical needs do not explain customer behavior that well. Namely, emotions play a huge role in the decision-making process. Hence, your strategy must echo the values your audience holds in high regard and resonate with their personal experience. Draw the lines between different segments of the population and the values they could seek and recognize in your organizations. Enable people to see a clear connection between their cravings and your brand.  

Spot on

Developing a general advertising platform for a mass audience is not the most prudent course of action, especially if you are operating on a tight budget. Instead, factor in characteristics, preferences, wants, and needs of your potential customers. Employ multiple sources of data and analytical tools to find a focused market for your offerings and marketing campaigns. Make the most of your marketing efforts and ensure that every cent is well spent. Find that sweet spot, the intersection of customer being interested and able to afford.  

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