Five Tips for Avoiding Common Foot Injuries

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Five Tips for Avoiding Common Foot Injuries

Foot injuries can happen to anyone. However, the more you walk or run, the higher your chances are of injuring your feet. Such injuries can require visits to the doctor, surgery, and long healing times. Therefore, you want to take proper steps to avoid such injuries. Follow the tips below to avoid foot injuries.

Wear Good Shoes

Do not pick fashion over comfort. Just because shoes look good does not mean you should wear them. Shoes that don’t fit properly can lead to painful problems such as bunions. Bunions hurt and they are unsightly. If you walk a lot and you’re shoes are uncomfortable and don’t fit right, you will experience foot pain that could lead to a visit to the doctor.

Warm Up Before Exercise

You should always stretch before any type of exercise. Your muscles need a chance to loosen up. If you do not warm up, you may experience pain during your exercise routine. You also run a greater risk of tearing your muscles and this includes the muscles in your feet.

Walk on a Flat Surface

If at all possible, walk or run on a flat, level surface. If you are on uneven ground, pay attention as you are walking or running. One misstep could cause a major foot sprain, or even worse, a broken foot. Both injuries take a long time to heal and are extremely painful. You would also be less mobile for a while.

Don’t Strain Your Muscles

While you may be eager to get going with your workout routine, you should only do so at a pace that is comfortable. Doing too much too quickly will lead to injuries. For instance, if you enjoy running and want to try running up a hill, only do so after you have gained some endurance. The extra strain and stress can lead to injuries to your legs and feet and leave you very sore.

Use Runner’s Tape

You can use runner’s tape or a brace to give you extra support when walking or running. This is especially important if you have had a previous injury. Walking or running with no support can aggravate old injuries. Your feet take much of the stress and shock so you’ll want to add the extra support to prevent foot injuries.

Be vigilant in preventing foot injuries so you can remain active and avoid the pain and downtime that comes with foot injuries.

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