Divi Meetup at WordCamp Orange County 2016

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We are excited to announce that we are coordinating the LARGEST International Divi meet-up to date.

Monterey Premier is hosting a retreat home for the admins of the popular Divi Theme Help and Share Facebook Group. The DTHS FB Group has over 6600+ members and is managed by 11 prominent members of the Divi community from around the world.

And we thought this would be a great way to thank them on behalf of the whole Divi community for their hard work and their awesome contributions to the community. It is also a great opportunity for all of us to finally get a chance to meet face to face.

And what better way to enjoy the retreat by attending one of California’s most popular WordCamp events, WordCamp Orange County 2016. One of our very own, Tami Heaton will be sharing the stage with Chris Lema, Jeff Turner, Alex Vasquez & Greg Douglas on Sunday morning to talk Business during the Business Track Panel Discussion.

Several other prominent members and contributors to the Divi community will be flying, driving and ubering into Orange County to join the party as well, including Nick Roach, Mitch Skolnik, Nathan Weller and Andy Tran from Elegant Themes.

All together, we are expecting over 19+ Divi users to gather over the weekend in Orange County and it is sure to be a blast. Although WCOC tickets may be sold out, if you are in the area, you can still join us for the Divi Meetup Friday night (address and time tbd). We will post the details here once we have the time and place.

Thank You Divi Nation

Thank you so much for making the Divi Nation what it is. The Divi Facebook Communities have played a huge part in helping our Divi community grow and in helping non-coders to be able to embrace and thrive in the world of web development. We wish all 25,000+ of us could be there together. But we are working out the best ways to include you in the festivities.

Leslie Bernal will be streaming all the Instagram pics from #diviwcoc16 right here at https://agirlandhermac.design/work-fun/


Be sure to bookmark DiviNationDoesWordCamp.com for this year’s meetup highlights, images notes and more, and all the upcoming DiviNation WordCamp adventures for years to come. Also brought to you by A Girl and Her Mac.


Here are just a few of those already planning to attend:

Geno Quiroz

Visionary | Creative Director, Monterey Premier

Vivien Quiroz

Social Media & Marketing Manager, Monterey Premier

Jerry Simmons

Operations Manager | Developer, Monterey Premier

Leslie Bernal

Owner/Designer, A Girl And Her Mac

Adam Inlay

Owner, Local Websites Now

Tammy Grant

Director, Sunflower Creatives

Terry Hale

Owner, Mizagorn Ink

Tami Heaton

Owner, Undeniable

Sarah Oates

Web Designer/Developer, Owner, Endure Web Studios

SJ James

Founder, Gritty | Divi.Space

Andrea Walker

Chief Creative Officer, Jameson Marketing

David Blackmon

Co-Founder/Creative Director, Aspen Grove Studios

Tim Strifler

Owner, Tim Striffler Online Solutions

Mor Cohen

Owner, FlixFrame

Greg Daniels

Owner, One Website Please

Nathan Weller

Inbound Marketing Manager, Elegant Themes

Nick Roach

Founder, Elegant Themes

Mitch Skolnik

Director of Operations, Elegant Themes

Andy Tran

Developer, Elegant Themes

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