5 Tips To Help You Stay Healthy In An Office Job

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Working in a traditional office setting has its benefits for sure. You get to work from a building that has AC and heating, there is usually free coffee, and occasionally you get to chat with people and make friendships all while sitting at your desk and working. 

However, working in the office can also have consequences and most of the time, these consequences are unnoticeable in the first few years.

Staying healthy in an office job is crucial, especially if you plan on working there for a long period of time.

So here are five tips to be and feel healthy while working in an office:

1. Don’t skip breakfast

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People tend to forget or skip breakfast, especially if they’re in a hurry. However, breakfast is considered the most crucial meal of the day, as it provides you with energy and improves your mood.

There are many breakfast options, but some of the more healthy options you should focus on are eggs, vegetables, ham, or oatmeal rather than sugary food and other breakfast snacks, no matter how tasty they are. 

The healthiest breakfast is the one you prepare at home, but if you are in a rush, start your day off by grabbing your favorite bagel on the way to work.

And for those who really dislike eating in the morning, drinking various healthy smoothies can be a great change. Just mix all your favorite fruits and vegetables in a smoothie cup and you’re ready for a new day in the office!

2. Be active even if you’re not going anywhere

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Sitting for multiple hours every day isn’t good for one’s back, legs and posture. If you sit in a cubicle all day, find a reason to stretch and take frequent but short walks to the toilet or printer.

Similarly, instead of emailing or calling a co-worker, try to go to their office so you’ll have an excuse to get active. If possible, opt for stairs instead of the elevator.

In case you have your own office, use a lunch break to take out the yoga mat and stretch for a bit. Many workplaces allow working out so if there’s a gym in your company, use it to your advantage.

A sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to one’s health, and if you want to be healthy and fit, it’s also important to stay active outside of work. Find a hobby such as running, yoga, play with your kids or anything that requires you to move your body.

3. Monitor your health

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Working long office hours can make you feel like everything’s fine when it comes to your health – mainly because you’re not exposed to any extreme weather conditions or you sit a lot.

However, sedentary behavior can have consequences for one’s health, such as weight gain, musculoskeletal issues, and cardiovascular problems.

Many people tend to suffer from back pain and other issues, and unfortunately, many of them endure the pain thinking that it comes with the lifestyle. But, if you feel that your back pain is persistent, it’s time to talk to a physiotherapist or a specialist.

4. Learn to say no

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Many office workers want to prove themselves, so they tend to do much more than they actually need, which can result in severe burnout and depression.

Helping your co-workers and being there for your superiors is fine, but it’s also necessary to understand boundaries and know when to say no.

Working too much just to please your boss isn’t going to help you in the long run. Same goes for your co-workers: if they see that you’re always eager to their part of the job, they’ll start using you.

Instead, show everyone that you’re willing to help, but learn to say no so you’ll be able to get some rest and focus on your own work instead of everyone else’s.

5. Stay away from the office drama

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Sometimes, people get carried away with gossiping and minding everyone’s business that it becomes part of the workplace culture. Even though it’s definitely bad, it’s also understandable why people enjoy it so much.

Gossip is exciting and there’s always something new going on, and naturally, people want to feel accepted so that’s why they participate. But, if you want to be healthy and productive, it’s recommended to stay away from it all.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, eating well, being on the move, keeping boundaries and minding your business will definitely help you stay healthy and productive in an office job. As long as you watch your health and keep yourself in good shape, you have nothing to worry about.

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