5 Best International MBA Programs

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5 Best International MBA Programs

Obtaining a master’s degree is one of the most costly and important decisions a professional can make. Such is particularly the case of an MBA program. Check out the top five universities that offer international MBA programs to students interested in international business.

1. Duke University

Duke students have options of both semester or summer programs in over 20 countries around the world. Five of those locations are part of Duke’s cross-continent MBA program. The program in China has been around for more than 25 years. Other locations include Germany, India and Chile and students can earn a world-class MBA in just 17 months. India and China in particular are major hubs for international business professionals so this is opportunity is one of the best in the world.

2. New York University

The Stern School of Business gives MBA students the opportunity to take courses in global strategy and international social impact strategies. Such classes are necessary when graduates take their skills into the real world. Completing the MBA program at the Stern School of Business prepares students for careers in government, international as well as structured finance, and general business development.

3. Stanford University

The Stanford Graduate School of Business requires all international MBA students to take courses about the global experience. Such requirement typically calls for a seminar that centers around Brazil and its economic mobility. Taking a course concerning Korea and consumer behavior in the region also satisfies the seminar requirement. These courses provide practical and valuable knowledge about business in other countries around the world.

4. Columbia University

Columbia Business School has an international MBA program that focuses on major cities that push global business relations forward. Student groups such as The Greater China Society, the International Development Club, and Asian Business Association are available for scholars who want to take what they have learned beyond the classroom. Other community service organizations offered to MBA students at Columbia University include the Financial Education Society and I-Prep, which is a mentoring program that gives back to those who are unemployed. All of these programs and organizations allow students to get involved with the business world while they’re still in school, giving them an opportunity to learn even more.

5. University of Pennsylvania

Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania has the international edge that challenges students to apply what they have learned in class to the real world. One course requires students to complete a project that focuses on global management. International programs at Wharton School include Global Modular Courses (GMC), Global Immersion Program (GIP), and Global Consulting Practicum (GCP). The University of Pennsylvania’s business school is ranked one of the top five MBA schools in the country.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right international MBA program is important. Many students discover that the success or demise of their careers largely depends on where they studied the field of business. These five schools are the top in their class, which enables students to be the best in their field.

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