11 Amazing Ways To 10X Your Twitter Engagement Overnight

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Twitter is one of the unavoidable social media platforms for most businesses and marketers. The platform has about 330 million active monthly users. In this article, we are going to go discuss specific ways you can not only reach these active users but get them to start engaging with your content. 

Interact With Other People’s Content

One effective way to attract people to your account is by following and engaging with their content through likes, comments, or retweets. Supporting other people’s content is a great way to not only make yourself more visible to them and their followers, but it is also a great way to form relationships. People often take notice if one particular person, or business, is consistently engaging and promoting their content. As a thank you, they may give you a shout out, or start engaging with your content in return, which helps broaden your perspective audience. 

Keep Your Tweets Short & Concise

Twitter allows you to use 280 characters in your tweets, but according to research, shorter tweets actually get more attention and engagement. It’s best to keep your tweets between 80-110 characters, including hashtags. 

Provide Variety In Your Links

Usually, the main focus for businesses is to direct people back to their own content, website, or offers; however, you do not want to bombard your audience by constantly shoving your brand down their throats. It is important to make sure you are providing any and all relevant and useful content to your target audience.

If you come across a helpful article that you think will provide value to your audience, tweet about it! It can also be helpful to tag other businesses, authors, leaders, etc. as a way to broaden your reach or connect your readers to other useful resources, thought leaders, etc. This is a great way to build trust with your audience because they will see that you are interested in educating and providing valuable content to them, not just promoting your own business. 

Responds To Retweets

Sending proper responses to your retweets can be powerful and worthwhile. Replying to all mentions and tags can be quite challenging, which is why, in certain instances, setting up instant replies can be incredibly beneficial. Setting up instant replies helps you immediately engage with your audience, but buys you some time to respond to more in-depth questions or conversations.

Equally important is making sure that you respond to negative tweets or comments. It is natural to want to ignore or delete negative feedback, but in all reality, people are much more trusting of brands that address complaints in a responsible and professional manner rather than trying to hide or cover them up. 

Know When To Post

Though people are always online, there are still certain times and days that people are more active. Your primary job is to find your audience’s peak timing to ensure you get the most engagement possible. Once you identify your peak timings, you can schedule your tweets ahead of time.

Try Twitter Ads

If you are running a small business with low followers, you should consider Twitter ads to help increase your engagement rate quickly. You can always start with a smaller budget and grow as you start to see the success of your ads. 

Hashtags Are Must

Hashtags are a must to include in your tweets, as they can drastically improve engagement. Hashtags help people find tweets that are relevant to a certain topic point, effortlessly. Using the correct hashtags can help improve the number of likes, comments, and retweets you get. There are plenty of resources that can help you find relevant hashtags for your content if you are unsure where to start. 

Include More Images

Images are crucial on all social media accounts. Adding images with your text improves the chances that your tweet with not only capture your audience’s attention but keep them engaged as well. Twitter allows you to include up to 4 images per tweet. Try adding images, infographics, etc. to your next tweet to see how it increases your engagement. 

Publish More Videos

Like images, videos also obtain higher engagement rates. You can upload 30-second videos on Twitter. Try posting engaging and interesting videos like behind-the-scenes, day-to-day activities, or how-to videos to engage your audience. 

Avoid Posting Too many Tweets

While it can be challenging to get the engagement you want with a single tweet, you also have to be careful not to over-post. When you publish too many tweets, you run the risk of over saturating your audience’s newsfeed, and therefore causing them to dislike or unfollow your account. Start by tweeting 5-20 times a day, depending on the size of your current audience and the level of engagement you typically receive on a day to day basis. 

Use Make Of Polls & Questions

Polls and questions are a great tool to use to grab your audiences’ attention and a great way to get them to engage. People love to give their opinions and feedback, so be sure to ask questions that you think will resonate with your audience.

Final Words

If your objective is to grow engagement with your current audience or gain more followers and reach on Twitter, then try some or all of the tips above. Test what works best for you and your audience and then constantly improve as you gain more insight as to what works best for your company! 

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