10 Simple Tips for Working From Home Efficiently

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More and more companies are now implementing work-from-home policies because of the spread of COVID-19. As a result, employees are tasked to remain productive, sans their office routines and other resources. 

While working from home might seem like a luxury, staying productive at home is often easier said than done. 

In this post, we will be talking about ten simple tips on how to effectively work from home, as well as how you can stay healthy (and sane) from doing so. 

Keep Yourself to Regular Work Hours

The first step that you need to take is to ensure that you’re productive. While working at home gives you a lot of flexibility in your schedule, you’ll be doing yourself more harm than good if you don’t give yourself some consistency. 

Set consistent work hours that will allow you to stay accountable to yourself, as well as with your boss. It doesn’t mean that you work in your usual 9-5 schedule every day. You can work during key times of the day where you feel the most productive, and get most of the work done. 

Also, know the hours of availability of those who will likely stay in touch with you, and you’ll be well on your way to more consistent and productive workdays. 

Create a Dedicated Work Space

Ideally, you should have a dedicated workspace wherein you can close the door, telling your roommate, partner, or kids that you need to have some serious work done. 

This area should be kept organized and clean. Set up your office files, laptop, and other items in a way that you’ll set up your office desk.  

Follow a Schedule 

If you’re the type of person, who gets distracted easily, then fake it. Try to get up early and ready yourself for work in a time-bound period. 

Try to imagine that you’re actually in your office. Chances are, this will set the tone for the rest of the day, and before you know it, you’re already in “work mode.” 

Remove as Many Distractions as Possible

Try to establish boundaries between your work time and your personal time. Make it clear to friends and family that you’ll be working from home, and that you need to get work done and limit distractions. 

According to Cleaning Exec, a cleaning service based in New York, you should map out an area where you can free yourself from clutter.

It could be sitting on a particular chair on the dining table, so that you won’t see all the clutter in the kitchen, or pulling a foldable table in your bedroom if it’s the cleanest spot in your home.

Your office space could also be in your gym or craft room. If so, then it could be easy to be distracted if you’re thinking about how much you need to exercise this week, or that you need to start a new art project.

Get rid of these distractions as much as you can. 

Take Mini Breaks

Chances are, you might need some time off from the screen every now and then. You can set designated breaks throughout each day to keep productivity up.

Make sure that you get some fresh air, eat a healthy snack, and, if possible, talk to another human being. Do not feel guilty about giving yourself some break.

Taking these activities will help you reset your mind, making sure you are ready to handle whatever task that you need to do for the day. 

Tidy Your Desk

How will you be able to fulfill your goals if there is a pile of clutter on your desk? It is crucial that you keep your desk clean and clutter-free so that it will be easier to navigate around it. 

Having a tidy desk and an uncluttered working environment will help boost your concentration, making challenging tasks more manageable. 

Dress Like You are Going to Work

You need to dress as if you’re actually going to work.

That includes showering and brushing your teeth! That will tell your brain that you mean business, and you’re not taking some downtime during your designated working hours. 

While a t-shirt and sweatpants will make you feel at home, it will also make you feel sluggish and unmotivated.

If you find it hard trying to motivate yourself to get ready in the mornings, you can choose your outfit the night before. 

Don’t Skip Lunch

It’s easy to skip your meals, such as lunch when you’re working from home.

Keep in mind that it’s important to give yourself a much-needed lunch break and recharge your batteries before you go back to your tasks. 

Ensure that you take your lunch somewhere but not in front of your computer. That way, you can rest your eyes, and you’re not pre-occupied with something else while eating. 

Stay Connected With Your Colleagues 

Losing your social life is one of the major disadvantages when working remotely. That’s why even having a short conversation with your colleagues could help refresh your mind.

Being isolated, especially in these trying times, is likely going to affect your mindset, as well as your overall productivity.

Doing a video call with your colleagues can be a great way to fill in this gap. You can schedule a time during the day wherein you can have online conversations with your colleagues. 

Even casual conversations like asking your co-workers about their favorite series on Netflix or taking suggestions on how one could manage with certain tasks are really helpful.

Have Healthy Snacks Lined Up

If you’re working from home, then you’ll constantly find yourself popping on the fridge every now and then to grab whatever treat that is right in front of you. But this could also be unhealthy and could cost you your productivity in the long run.

As an alternative, you must have healthy snacks stocked up and within your reach during working hours.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Listed above are a couple of handy tips that you can apply to boost your productivity when working from home. Make sure that you track your progress as well by setting up a shared calendar system where you and your superiors could access.

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