Congratulations, you’ve published your website and are excited to share it with the world. You might be saying to yourself, “Whew! Now I never need to look at the back end of my site again”. Well actually…you do. 

It is imperative to the health of your website that you check in monthly. Geno Quiroz explains, “sites need frequent updates for basic infrastructure, theme, plugins and a solid hosting platform to help with speed and security(Monterey Premier). You can do this yourself, or use a company that you trust. Depending on what hosting company you choose, there are many helpful resources for how to improve your site. 

Let’s take a look below at several reasons why updating your site regularly is extremely important…and rewarding.

Keep it New

Keep your site up to date by adding new information. Company news, launching a new product, and showcasing a collection are great reasons to update your site. Use this time to add testimonials and photos, bringing more life to your online presence. Be sure to review your entire site each month and look for ways to condense and improve the information. 

Avoid Hackers

Consider changing your password regularly. Currently, more people are on the internet which leaves your site more vulnerable to hackers. Make sure to back up your site while you’re at it so that you can save your progress and ensure that you will not lose your content. 

Important to note: Not all hosting companies are created equal. Geno Quiroz published this article in April informing his community, “Our platform is continuously being updated to protect you against attacks. We regularly look at the latest security best practices…increased security measures is an ongoing necessity.”

Fix Broken Links

Monthly site care includes updating links that may no longer work. A broken link discredits your website because it is not functional. To find broken links, navigate through your website clicking on each tab, button, and hyperlink. Making sure that everything is flawless. Try to view your site objectively,  finding areas that could use improvement. Pretend that you are a client seeing your website for the first time. 


Feeling overwhelmed about how you will make time? Your schedule is packed, and your time is valuable. Consider outsourcing! Companies like Monterey Premier perform monthly site care for you so that you can get back to what you do best. Overall, placing your site in the hands of a team of trusted professionals has many benefits. 

First off, you save time. You don’t have to worry about how you will make time to sit down and go through your entire site. After all, time is money, right? Working with a team of trained professionals gives you access to new insights and resources. Monterey Premier has a team of web designers, graphic designers, developers, and copywriters who take out the guesswork for you so that you can be confident that your site is safe and performing at optimal levels.

Book a free consultation today and experience the ease and comfort knowing that your website is in the very best care.


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Geno is the Owner/Creative Director at Monterey Premier based in Monterey, Ca.. He has been designing websites since 1996 and enjoys all things design, traveling, hanging out with friends, encouraging other believers, and experimenting with new technologies. When not doing any of the above, you can find Geno blogging here, or writing Divi customization tutorials over on

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