Recruitment in 2021: How AI Is Shaping the Business World for Good

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Many believe AI to be the next big thing in the world of technology — and for good reasons. While we haven’t seen the full potential of artificial intelligence yet, we have started collecting little crumbs of what it can do.

AI affects every industry, and the world of recruitment is no different. AI is reshaping how employers look for talented individuals, and how candidates get to work; ultimately changing the business world.

There are numerous ways AI is positively affecting the world of business. However, here are some most commonly talked about benefits of AI in this area.

AI removes personal bias

Some recruiters might have a factor of discrimination in their heads. While it may not be glaringly noticeable, such recruiters start making decisions based on a “gut” feeling rather than statistical decision-making. Finding and taking care of such recruiters in your firm is a difficult task as no one openly admits to this crime.

AI-based tools don’t discriminate against individuals based on their cast, race, gender, origin, and other factors. For example, AI-based job description creators will create entirely neutral posts. Moreover, AI-based selection software handpicks candidates based on their statistical records.

AI saves time

If you have ever recruited someone before, you know the hassles involved in posting job descriptions on multiple platforms, handpicking applications, going through resumes, interviewing, and various other steps. Hiring is a tedious and time-consuming process that everyone loves to hate.

AI-based tools save a lot of time by eliminating the need for human input. While it’s not possible to 100% automate the recruitment process yet, AI-based recruitment tools trim down a lot of time. It’s made possible with tools that shortlist applications that would be suitable for the job position, conducting initial interviews, collecting & analyzing stats, and much more.

AI finds candidates with suitable skills & interests

Whenever you post an open job listing, you receive dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of applications depending on the size of your company. No matter how hard you try, you cannot analyze each candidate’s personal profile to figure out their interests and skills. However, to make sure a candidate is a great fit for a company, you must make their interests and work profiles match your company’s culture and interests.

AI-based software finds the personal information of each candidate in no time. With built-in analytical tools, these pieces of software can study what a candidate shares on their social media accounts, as well their professional profiles, learn about them, and figure out if they’re a good fit for your company.

AI streamlines the processes for candidates

In order to change the world of business, we not only prioritize streamlining the hiring process but also how we can help job candidates. Both parties are two of the most important pillars of the recruitment process.

As AI makes the process of hiring faster for employers, it also changes how candidates receive updates about their applications. For example, if an employer is manually addressing hundreds of resumes, the corresponding candidates might have to wait a long time to receive a reply from the employer. On the other hand, if their resumes are being taken care of by AI-based software, they can receive updates about their applications much faster.

Moreover, candidates can get basic information and knowledge about the employer company’s recruitment process with AI. With AI-based chatbots and automated replies, they can easily get all the information they need to make effective decisions about their professional life.

AI helps PEO services in the recruitment process

AI is a crucial component of modern PEO services today. If you’re not already aware, a PEO company is like an outsourced HR department that takes care of many of your HR tasks and needs. For example, depending on what you require from your partner PEO, they can provide services like payroll outsourcing, posting job listings, hiring, benefit distribution, and much more.

AI serves as the cherry on top of the already helpful services of a PEO. AI makes their process much faster, streamlined, and cost-efficient; making them even more compelling to employers and companies.

Final thoughts

AI is the next revolution in the world of technology and is affecting every industry in the world. Recruitment processes are also getting positively affected by it.

AI in recruitment provides several benefits, including but not limited to the elimination of personal bias, effective time consumption, streamlined processes for candidates, and improved PEO services.

While we have already started seeing the effects of AI in different aspects of the business world, we are sure to see continuous alterations and improvements in the future.

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