How to Create a Startup Business Plan and Not Fail

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To create a successful startup company, you need to have a brilliant idea, along with a detailed business plan. You need to map out how your startup will develop. The business plan can help you analyze possible pitfalls and avoid pitfalls.

Executive Summary

Step #1. Consider an Executive Summary

Creating a business strategy, you need to draw up the crucial points of your startup company. Remember to keep this part simple, since the investors don’t want to read long and tedious texts.

Highlight the problems users face. To become successful and engage a lot of users, your technical solution needs to solve customers’ problems and make their lives more comfortable. It’s better to analyze the age, hobbies, and habits of your target audience to understand their everyday issues.

Create a solution. You need to tell about your goals in the business plan. In this part, it’s required to explain how your solutions can assist in solving the clients’ issues. Your tech project needs to provide users with some exclusive solutions.

Consider the Unique Value Proposition. Obviously, every startup has to offer a Unique Value Proposition or UVP. For example, you can describe the benefits of using your solution. UVP has to be unique. It’s impossible to claim that your company is better than others without reasons.

Write down the company’s goals. This part is significant for investors since they can understand whether your objectives match theirs. Usually, this part consists of the success meaning for your startup and final goals for the development process.

Company Description

Step #2. Give Details About Your Company

This part tends to contain any information about your company. You need to consider the following points:

Company’s overview. There is some general information about your company’s location, the number of employees, foundation date, office address, and more.

History. In this part, you need to describe how you’ve come up with this startup idea. Additionally, you can show the progress of your company, e.g. your first employees, office changes, and so on.

Key members of your team. If you want to develop a stable and good software solution, you need to hire experienced workers. So, in the business plan, it’s better to discuss the key members of your team. For example, you can write a short bio of department chiefs.

Monetization strategy. The modern market is full of various software solutions. However, it can be challenging to get revenue. To avoid this problem, you need to consider your monetization strategy beforehand.

Step #3. Discover the Market

To create a successful startup, you need to know your target audience well. It’s good to add such information to your business plan. To identify your potential customers, you need to analyze the market. It’s good to consider such factors as geographic, demographic, and the clients’ behavior.

One more point is your future competitors. The primary question you need to answer is, ‘Why should customers choose my solution?’. Additionally, you can look through the competitors’ products to find out their strong and weak sides.

Marketing Plan

Step #4. Draw the Marketing Strategy

The marketing plan of the startup company should consist of several general strategies on how to gain users. You can follow such ways as SEO optimization of your website, content marketing, and more. During this step, it’s better to highlight several metrics to track the progress. For example, if you own the mobile app, the key metric is the number of downloads from the App Store or Play Market.

Step #5. Map out the Financial Plan

Last but not least, you need to consider the financial plan of your startup. It’s better to discuss your startup expenses. For example, calculate equipment costs, fees, salaries, insurance, and so on.

If you want to develop the product from scratch, you need to consider the app development costs. For instance, you need to estimate the iOS and Android app development separately. After that, you need to calculate all the expenses to calculate the amount of required money. Additionally, you can provide a plan of investments.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the startup business plan requires preparation and time. To create a successful startup, you need to consider all the factors and steps we’ve mentioned above.

To achieve success, you need to create a working marketing strategy along with a detailed financial plan. Also, don’t forget to research the market and discover the customers’ expectations of your product. 

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