How Clothes Can Affect Your Confidence and Work Performance

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Whenever I’m getting ready for an event, be it a meeting, a date, or simply a trip to the office, I perform that last-minute inspection in the mirror: is my hair looking good? Is my outfit color-coordinated? Have I chosen the best baubles for the occasion?

I’m old enough now (let’s not get into numbers, though) to often get the perfect combo almost automatically, without making a single adjustment before I leave. However, this is just a little mind game I play with myself. Why?

Because none of these decisions are actually made based on my reflection, but based on years of experience of wearing certain combinations for certain occasions.

I know how I feel wearing them, and I know exactly what to put on in order to feel excellent in my own skin for the said event.

And apparently, science backs me up on this one, too.

The success spectrum


Personally, I love black. Most of my sweaters, tees, and leggings come in this particular color, with an odd floral dress and flirty skirt hidden in the charcoal chasm.

However, it seems that black is a good choice for the office, for a client pitch, and a cocktail party because of its inherent sophistication and prowess.

Then again, if you love red, you can use this to your advantage since this vibrant hue has the power to command the entire room and grab attention at a moment’s notice.


Essentially, you can put your palette to good use no matter the purpose of your outing.

This is by no means a reason to dress in a monochrome manner, but to expand your wardrobe essentials to include more of those shades that can help you leave the finest impression.

That factor alone can tip the scales in your favor to enhance your professional performance, too.

Flaunt your figure


I’m always at risk of tripping over my own feet on a flat surface because that’s just who I am.

Wearing a miniskirt won’t save me the embarrassment. However, when you put on something that brings out your finest features and instantly makes you improve your posture and walk with your head held high, chances are you’ll tackle anything that comes your way, and you’ll do so with gusto.

And who’s best at evoking that confidence? Gals from the Land of Down Under!

I’ve always admired the ladies from Australia for that particular confidence and love for turning even the simplest garment into a luxe ensemble.

To awaken some of that Aussie-like confidence, you can look into various Melbourne fashion labels that epitomize that sophisticated, effortless look that gives you confidence.

Luckily, most of them are brimming with figure-flaunting cuts and designs to help you enhance your wardrobe and give you the confidence boost that you need.


It’s not just about appearance. It’s also about how comfortable you feel wearing something, if you’re too self-conscious, or if you can’t focus on the task at hand without constantly worrying about your cleavage or the low cut of your trousers.

Rev up your confidence by feeling care-free in what you wear, and chances are that you’ll be much more comfortable with the challenge itself as well.

Your inner athlete


I wish it were up to my tank top to push me to the gym often enough to shed those last pesky pounds off my waist.

Alas, the responsibility is mine, and mine alone, but it comes as no surprise that your workout gear is much like your Wonder Woman costume – it puts you and your body in a training-ready mindset.

The notion is known as “enclothed cognition”, and it refers to that slightly altered state of mind that happens as a consequence of putting on your workout gear.

Now, when this gear is made with performance in mind, all the more reason to put them on for your specific training.

Made to be durable, breathable, but also easy on the eye, workout clothes let you look and feel ready to tackle any weight on the barbell and any mileage on the treadmill.

You are actually, physically more likely to put in more effort when you wear your fitness clothes than if you stick to a typical, lazy-Sunday hoodie.

The power suit


The name says it all, and the suit doesn’t disappoint. I’ve never been a huge fan of formal wear, but the power suit has become a staple of my wardrobe, for one very simple reason: it’s empowering.

Land a single glance at that reflection when you’re wearing your finest suit in the closet and your brain will be on fire. It changes your perspective, your vantage point, and it gives you a unique thinking capacity only formal attire has the ability to inspire in us – strangely enough.


You’ll find yourself to be in problem-solving mode, your attention and focus improved, and your confidence through the roof.

That is why I will often pull out my royal blue power suit instead of my little black dress when getting ready for a business cocktail event.

Maybe it can give you the same edge you need to laugh out loud and lock eyes with an investor the next time there’s such an event in your schedule.

Final thoughts

Our essence will always be the one to take the lead and to help us accomplish what we can in life.

Our appearance, however, can be our greatest asset or our worst woe when we’re preparing for a challenge.

Use your wardrobe to outsmart your insecurities, to build your confidence, and to put on your best game face ever – it will help you get wherever you want to go in life, sooner rather than later.

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