5 Essentials For Every Girlboss On-The-Go

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They say that you can’t judge a person by their clothes, but there is a great deal of things you can discover about a woman based on the contents of her bag. However, not all bags are made equal, or filled with the same items, to be more precise.

Girlbosses are a particular breed

[bctt tweet=”Girlbosses are a particular breed, women like no other who are killing it in the business world, trying to line one achievement after another and cram 36 hours of work into a single day.” username=”sophia_bri”]

Girlbosses are a particular breed, women like no other who are killing it in the business world, trying to line one achievement after another and cram 36 hours of work into a single day. Needless to say, these are women on the run. They have meetings to attend, business trips to take, deals to seal and a whole lot of work to get done.

In order to do that, they often need a helping hand, five of them exactly, so they can go about their work and day unhindered and always on top of their game.

A girlboss won’t and can’t afford to let things slip, and nothing short of perfect organization and boy scout-like preparation will suffice, which is precisely why these five items are the crucial ones she must always have in her bag. So whether you’re a girlboss, or someone close to her, make sure these items are in your possession ASAP.

The old but gold

business cards for a ladyboss

Card, wallet, paper and mockup HD photo by rawpixel (@rawpixel) on Unsplash

Business cards have a long and proud history that dates back to the 17th century. Back then, they were used to announce the arrival of distinguished aristocratic guests.

The later usage was quite similar – cards were presented to the lady of the house before she let anyone inside to meet her, and after the Industrial revolution they became utilitarian – business people used them to exchange information so they could keep in touch with prospective clients or partners. Not a lot has changed since then, aside from the fact that the design has been elevated to a completely new level.

Business cards are something even the Digital Age wasn’t able to render unnecessary, and aside from having a stack in her desk drawer as well as a classy display in a card holder on the desk, a true ladyboss never knows when an opportunity may come knocking, so a decent number of innovative business cards is something she should always have upon her person.

This card is more than a few pieces of contact information; they tell the receiver about your taste, style, level of ambition and seriousness about your work, which is why they will never become redundant.

Keep it together

ladyboss planner

Filofax Original in Nude Photo by Renata-Adrienn (@bajkorenata) on Unsplash

When you have so many things on your plate, the last thing you want are your vital documents, cards and even travel documents scattered all around your desk or your bag.

No, a ladyboss always has it together, both literally and figuratively, which is precisely why she would never attend a meeting or board a plane without her compact and chic compendium, which depending on her preference can fit everything from a few vital documents, a passport and other travel documentation as well as her ride-and-die item – her daily planner.

The best ones are those with separate neat compartments for each of these important items. Aa sleek design never hurt the presentation, so choose wisely as every detail speaks volumes of who you are and how you conduct business.

Unplugged is not an option

Power Bank Battery for a ladyboss

Brand Tasamrong Power Bank Battery free Photo on Pixabay

Most modern ladybosses don’t neglect their health, so they make their mission to squeeze a workout session as often as they can. They also spend a great deal of time in the air – living out of a suitcase is nothing out of the ordinary for a goal-getter.

She has business meetings to attend, checking emails and writing memos during her lunch hour – every minute is precious and so is every battery percentage on her phone. She never knows when she’ll be needed and when something will demand her immediate attention, which is why being off the grid is not an option.

However, phone batteries have a way of turning against us, which is why one of the wisest things she can do is get a great, powerful yet light power bank that will save her from the stress of being disconnected and make sure she’s always reachable – major crisis or not.

More than a regular planner

cute little planner for a ladyboss

Notebook, desk, office and white HD photo by Jessy Smith (@jessysmith) on Unsplash

[bctt tweet=”Regular planners are for regular people, and a girlboss may be many things but regular is not on the list.” username=”sophia_bri”]

This is why she needs something more than a cute little planner that’s merely visually appealing. No, she brings in the big guns, and those big guns go by the name of 10X: the entrepreneur’s journal.

Not only is this an impeccably sleek a minimalistic planner, but far more than that. Yes, just like a regular planner it allows you to note down your appointments for the day, week, month, but on top of all that it contains pages for one to note down past accomplishments.

According to those numerous professionals who have owned and used it, this planner serves as an amazing motivational tool as reflecting on your past achievements is a strong force that keeps you driven to forge on.

Pick one

Girlboss with a state of the art phone and a smart watch

Woman using an iPhone photo by rawpixel (@rawpixel) on Unsplash

You can choose between a state of the art phone and a smartwatch, or as a true goal-getter, get them both. A phone is mandatory, for all the reasons listed above and more, as smart phones boast such features as reminders (even those that tell you when to eat and drink water, because you are human after all), but also those that keep you alert and informed on the upcoming meetings and important events.

However, a smart watch boasts a number of time-related features as well. These advanced timepieces inform you of incoming calls, texts, emails, even calendar events, and they also serve as a friendly reminder for your body as well.

They tell you when you need to stand up, stretch, have a sip of water and put some food in your mouth. They’re like a very unobtrusive non-human personal assistants, and you know you need them in your life because, let’s face it, there are days when you would have trouble finding your own head if it wasn’t attached to your neck.

In Closing

Now that you’ve seen the list of essentials, tell us, which ones have been an indispensable part of your life for quite some time now and which ones are you yet to grab and make your entrepreneurial life easier?

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