How I Used Crowdfire to Gain 50 New, Legit Followers/Month

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How I Used Crowdfire to Gain 50 New, Legit Followers/Month

How I Used Crowdfire to gain over 50 new, legit followers/month


I’ve mentioned before that I don’t know a single person on Twitter. Well, okay, maybe I know like 5 people. Hardly anyone. Yet, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are excellent places to reach new people. Due to the use of hashtags on these sites, they are more searchable, so people can find like-minded people more easily than on Facebook. (Even though Facebook is still my favorite and my best traffic source. We’ll save that topic for another day!)

I never focused on growing my Twitter following until October 2016, when I downloaded this app called Crowdfireapp. I read this article and signed up right away.

It took me longer than the average Jane to figure these social medias out, but after playing with it a while I’ve learned this:

  1. It’s not just about how many followers you have. Quality matters. Only follow people who are relevant to what you do. I mostly follow bloggers, funny tweeters, Christian authors, and web designers.
  2. The whole point is to increase traffic to your blog and to sell your products, so there’s no point in selling to people without interest.
  3. For bloggers, numbers matter when you are trying to land a PR client. They want “influencers” with lots of people to influence. 

I was getting maybe 10 new followers a month on Twitter before I found Crowdfire. Now I’m getting 50 new followers a month, and that’s only using the app once a week or so. So allow me to introduce you.

What platforms does Crowdfire work on?

Twitter and Instagram

How much does Crowdfire cost?

I have the free version, and it now supports more than one social media per account. They offer services for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitter!

How does it grow your following exactly???

It logs into your social media account of choice. Then it gives you “Prescriptions”.


How I Used Crowdfire to Gain 50 New, Legit Followers/Month

That report card tells you how many people followed and unfollowed you just in the last 24 hours. That wasn’t a big day. I got 5 new followers just in the last 20 minutes because I re-tweeted a couple of solid articles. You will get less unfollows if you stick to people you have things in common with and if you follow the relevant ones back. Don’t follow the spammy ones back.

This isn’t like Facebook where you are posting your kids’ first day of school pictures or your bake sale horror story. This is just a place where you share interesting articles or funny anecdotes. That’s why I’m okay with following total strangers here but not on Facebook. For Facebook I have my personal page that is ONLY friends, and then I have my blog page for my blog readers. For Twitter, I’m simply promoting my content and the content of other bloggers that I like.

Moving on….we’ve read our report card, now let’s do some work!

They ask you what keywords you blog about, and they pull up accounts that use those same keywords.

How I Used Crowdfire to Gain 50 New, Legit Followers/Month

Here are some people I might want to follow because they blog about my keywords. As you can see, they all contain the word MOM. Ha! Embrace who you are. I’m looking for moms with a blog.  I don’t go through here following tons of people either. I follow only the ones that look relevant to what I do and what I blog about.

They remind you to consider following people who have recently followed you.

How I Used Crowdfire to Gain 50 New, Legit Followers/Month


I love this next one. They show you your recent unfollowers, if you look for it.

They also show you your “fans,” people who follow you who you aren’t following yet.

How I Used Crowdfire to Gain 50 New, Legit Followers/Month

See, some of these people probably unfollowed me because I never got around to following them back.

The Firebot also suggests that you unfollow your non-followers.

Of course, you want to give people a week after you follow them to have time to follow you back. The ones on this list will never follow me. I’ve been following them for a year already, but I love them, so they get to stay. I am truly just one of their “fans.”

How I Used Crowdfire to Gain 50 New, Legit Followers/Month

They do expect this to happen, so you can click “whitelist” on these individuals, and it will stop recommending that you unfollow them.

The Crowdfire app will also show you suggestions for posts to “like” or share, and that goes a long way to gaining followers too. Of course, only share and like content that you KNOW is the bee’s knees. Sharing junk is a good way to get un-followed by all of us.

Another great thing about this app is that if you do it the way it’s intended, you will also have a good follower/following ratio.

If used diligently, this app will gain you mega-followers! Oh, and word to the wise, they also alert me to people that I follow who have become “inactive” on Twitter, so if you aren’t regularly posting, you will be losing your audience. 

My goal for this year is to gain 50 followers/month in 2017, so I can take my blog, Stories of Our Boys, from 510 Twitter followers to 1,110 by Dec 31, 2017. Why do I want to do that? So I can reach out to more people and make more $$$. It’s always important to remember your WHY.

Happy tweeting! Be sure to follow Monterey Premier (@genoq) and myself on Twitter (@AprilandAlan) too!

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**Editorial Correction: This article has been edited to reflect the fact that you can now have access each social media via Crowdfire on the free version. You can have one account for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and WordPress.***

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