Cute and Comfy Clothes for Work or Play

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Cute and Comfy Clothes for Work or Play

Have you been invited to as many Lula Roe pop-up Facebook sales as I have? I mean, it’s borderline ridiculous. After being bombarded with these words: Lula Roe. Lula Roe. Lula Roe, I decided to get to the bottom of this. I sent one of these party organizers a message, and I could not even figure out which of my friends had invited me to the thing! I finally figured out this particular party was from one of my Maryland friends. I would have like to have supported her party because I love my Maryland friends, but I needed to try stuff on first. I found someone local. I started asking questions.

What to Wear to Work

photo from

“What is Lula Roe???”

In short, it’s a brand of clothing for women and girls (mostly). I may be a “boy mom”, but that never translated into not caring about what I wear. It’s a decision we’re faced with everyday. 

What do I wear? What can I get away with wearing to work? Just how dressy do I have to dress because I want to feel comfortable!

Comfort!!!  I may have personally cried tears of joy the day Glamour magazine declared that women no longer need to wear panty hose with our dresses, even to work. Yes, I want to look pretty, but that should not make me miserably uncomfortable.

Cute but comfortable clothes. That is my dream, and that is why I fell hook, line, and sinker for Lula Roe.

I first heard about their leggings. They make leggings in all sorts of bold colors and patterns, and the Lula Roe addicts all rave about how soft and cozy they are.

Cute and Comfy Clothes for Work


cute and comfy clothes for work or play

Okay, so they make leggings. Do they sell cute tops and dresses that look decent with said leggings because if you want to pull off this leggings-as-pants trend then your top or dress needs to be long enough to cover all your business. We shouldn’t see all the contours of your rear end or even your thighs, really.

Well…of course they do…

cute and comfy clothes for work or play

This line of tops is called the Irma, and they go perfectly with leggings.

Or the Carly, which is a little dress:

Cute and Comfy Clothes for Work or Play

Carly with leggings, from Pinterest:

Or even the Amelia can go with leggings:

Cute and Comfy Clothes for Work or Play

Amelia with leggings, from

Here’s me, wearing my Irma. Yes, I’m a novice at the mirror selfie:

Cute and Comfy Clothes for Work or Play

Irma top with leggings

So what about work? What do they sell that we can wear to work?

Of course, I work at home, but many of you are actually required to wear real clothes to work. There are some standard pieces they sell that are perfect for the career woman.They make several different styles of dresses and skirts. For example, I bought this dress, which is called the Amelia:


Wearing the Amelia


They also make these lovelies:


There are several different skirts, in an endless array of patterns and solids.



These clothes come in all sizes. Once you find someone local to you, you can try them on to see what looks best on you.


Where’s the catch, right? Well…..

No catch, but you can ONLY buy these cute comfy outfits from a seller. (Supporting small business–that’s a win!) But it’s not your average seller situation. When you want Mary Kay, for example, every Mary Kay lady sells the exact same stuff. Lula Roe doesn’t work that way. Most of them sell the same styles, but past that all bets are off. The company only makes a limited number of each outfit, so each Lula Roe seller offers these styles in different prints. What sizes they have in those prints and styles just depends on what the company happens to send to them and what that seller has left from their last shipment. I know one seller that offers tons of Amelia dresses but has no Randy tops. I know another seller who has dozens of Randys and no Amelias.

If you can find a local Lula Roe stylist, you do not have to wait for a party in order to buy clothes. Many stylists have a boutique all set up in their house.

Click here to find a boutique near you.

It will take you to a map, and you need to use the + button in the top left corner of the map to zoom into your city. It will pop up several stylists in your area, along with their web addresses and contact information. Too easy.

Here are a few active Lula Roe ladies that I have used. You can click through these links to join their Facebook selling groups:

Lula Roe Sarah & Jamie (in Alabama)

Lula Roe with Kaela Sexton (in Georgia)

Lula Roe with Kimberly Morgan (in the DC area)

Those are all closed groups, so you have to request to join.

I found a stylist that I’d met at MOPS, and I took my lovely assistant (John David, age 3) with me, and we went to her house and tried on clothes. I had a ball.

I’m still having a little trouble jumping onto the “Leggings are pants” band wagon. I love wearing them, but I would feel self-conscious without a super long shirt or a dress over them.

Lula Roe offers such a wide array of dresses and skirts that it’s a no-brainer for work.

Here are a couple of more Lula Roe work outfits to inspire you.

Cute and Comfy Clothes for Work or Play

the Lola skirt

Cute and Comfy Clothes for Work or Play


Cute and Comfy Clothes for Work or Play

Have fun shoppin’!


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