9 Key Packaging Tips for Your New Start-up Business

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Starting a new business is not an easy job. A start-up business has to face several challenges from launching products to creating a market base.

With patience and persistence, you can really give an excellent start and build a market for your goods. As a start-up business owner, you have many queries on time, budget, and brand value.

Amidst so many burning issues, you might fail to recall a small but remarkable factor that could decide the future of your products – the packing.

Most of you pay utmost attention to your product but forget caring for the packaging of the same. Here are some essential packaging tricks for your support:

1- Be familiar with your product and its production

You must have a sound knowledge of both your product and its entire production process before you choose a package for the packing.

Avoid selecting any generic packaging item and research a lot before making a final decision on your product packaging.

Every product has its own composition, shelf life, and usage. No one can pack a liquid item in a wooden box.

In packaging, you need to ensure that it could remain in good condition until a customer receives and uses it.

2- Think about multiple options for your product packaging

As per your products, evaluate your packing needs. Invest some of your valuable time in researching what packaging options are available and which one can be suitable for your product.

After the selection of the packing options, you need to think about the options available for labeling your products.

You can get in touch with professionals like iCustomlabel to know about packaging labels and stickers.

3- Try to stand apart from others

Start-ups of small-scale often lack to anticipate big and established businesses. As an owner of a growing business, you have a lack of resources to sustain in the market.

However, the lack of resources can’t discourage you in growing your business and make your products stand out from others. Here, product packaging comes to your rescue. The right packaging will help you promote your business and products as well.

4- Make your product packing bold and attractive

In most cases, the first impression matters a lot. The right packing promotes your product apart from protecting it from any external damage.

An average consumer gets lured to shop a product with its attractive packaging. A visually compelling packaging automatically increases the chance of product sales.

Wrapped in a bold and vibrant box with custom stickers, a product draws the attention of buyers.

5- Pack your products for smart branding

Your product packaging is a silent spokesperson that encourages customers to know your business brand.

With suitable product packing, you can build a brand image for your business. Getting a custom-designed label, which has an eye-catching logo with your company name, will make it comfortable for customers to recall your business.

The right packaging easily conveys what is inside the pack and communicates the value for money to consumers.

6- Make your product packing purposeful

Creating purposeful packaging is the only way to build a brand perception in customers’ mind. As you are a new bird in the market, so you pack your product in a way that your packaging can convey relevant information to shoppers.

Present your business logo and ethos in a gripping and lucid fashion on your product packaging. It will help consumers to be familiar with your product and brand.

7- Show your product packaging is eco-friendly

In today’s world, more and more people are being conscious of the environment. They try to do what can save the earth and natural resources.

As a start-up business owner, you need to be socially responsible and contribute to saving the earth with its valuable resources. For this, you should use biodegradable and sustainable material for your product packaging.

With eco-friendly packing, you will leave impactful messages to people. It will show them that you are conscious of the resources of this planet, and you don’t want to damage them.

8- Opt for cost-effective packaging

At the initial stage of your business, you have no huge investments. Instead of going for fancy packaging solutions, you can opt for cost-effective product packaging.

For making your product packaging cost-effective for you, think about simple and modest designs that could have an aesthetic appeal apart from protecting your product from external damage.

9- Give a unique un-boxing experience

Ensure that there should be no difference between the description written on the box/pack and the product inside.

The packing should be portable, sturdy/durable, and storable.

Besides, your product packing should be easy to open. Smart packaging builds excitement and encourages customers to unbox the pack as soon as they receive their packages. The bottle or box with custom labels is not inclined of after the use of its content.                    


It’s clear that product packaging is crucial if you are a start-up and looking to enter and sustain in the market. A sturdy, attractive, and user-friendly packing can help you transform your start-up business into an established one.

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