5 Ways to Kickstart Self-Confidence to Reach Career Goals

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Being a driven, goal-oriented businesswoman isn’t always easy. You have to shatter glass-ceilings while still worrying about being perceived as equally competent as your male co-workers.

The thing is, you need to work hard while maintaining your confidence even in the most stressful situations.

In order to make the most out of your career, you need to have self-confidence, because, without it, chances are you won’t get very far in your professional field.

In case you feel that your self-confidence is starting to fail you, there are reasons to get it back so you’ll be able to achieve your career goals.

Here are five ways to kickstart your self-confidence and attain your career goals:

1. Fake it till you make it

This saying exists for a reason. If self-confidence feels strange to you, then you need to remember that nobody is inanely self-assured. A lot of people had to practice it in order to get where they are now.

Likewise, if you think that you simply can’t be self-confident, take a second and think it through.

Remember that every single one of us fights a battle that nobody else can see. Yes, even your cocky and slightly rude colleague or your boss is also like that.

But do you know what their secret is? They don’t let others see it.

If you want to be self-confident, you need to let others see you as such.

That’s why “fake it till you make it” is useful. It might take you some time to get used to it but remember that, if you really think that self-confidence is hard, there’s always a therapy or life-coaching sessions that can help you be the best version of yourself.

2. Know what to wear

Clothes do determine the way we perform at work, so make sure you wear something that always makes you feel confident. Usually, elegant business clothes like pencil skirts, suits and blazers seem to be default clothing items but as a matter of fact, wearing something that others deem professional can also make you feel more assertive.

Also, you can start learning more about power dressing so you’ll know better how to pick certain clothes for various business occasions.

If your workplace has a strict dress policy, at least try adding certain elements, like your favorite jewelry, but be careful not to wear statement necklaces or bigger earrings as they tend to steal the spotlight.

Instead, choose more elegant and if possible, discreet jewelry. Just the fact that it’s there should be empowering enough.

3. Practice power poses

Power posing means assuming body postures that make you feel and act confident. The main benefit of power posing is that it can influence your behavior by changing hormone levels and thus increasing testosterone which is linked to dominance.

Also, power poses can decrease cortisol which is connected to stress levels in your body.

One of the most famous power poses is the “Wonder woman” pose — standing strong with your feet apart, hands on your hips and your chest and head lifted.

There are many other poses, you just need to practice in front of the mirror until you find those that work for you.

The best time to do them is before the job interview, or prior to giving a speech, but it would be best if you could do them every morning right after you wake up.

That way you can get used to power posing which means more confident performance at work.

4. Hair is important, too

There’s this stereotype that women tend to change their hairstyle either before an important event or after a bad experience. Whatever the truth, it’s definitely correct that a great hairstyle can do wonders for your self-esteem.

Wearing your hair in a bun every single day can make you feel too uninformed and sometimes you just need to let your hair down to remind yourself of your true potential.

In case you absolutely must wear your hair certain way, then you can always add stylish and tasteful hair accessories that can give you a boost of self-confidence every time you look yourself in the mirror.

Besides, if possible, play with different hairstyles but always be careful to keep them somewhat restrained but also elegant and fashionable. Also, try choosing styles that are quick and easy to fix.

5. Learn to speak up

Sometimes speaking up can seem like one of the most frightening things in the world, but the truth is, once you learn how to clearly and assertively state your opinions, you’ll also start seeing yourself in much different light.

And the self-confidence is all about learning your true value. Once you do that, others will start appreciating you.

Speaking up in front of an office full of people may look like an impossible task, but start slowly by raising your hand and always make sure to speak when you’re completely certain that you know what you’re talking about. That way you can avoid potential embarrassment.

For starters, practice when you’re alone, and then try with a smaller group of co-workers. Remember that speaking your mind can also help you negotiate a better salary and fight injustice at work.

And there’s nothing more confident when a person knows how to politely make things work their way.

Final thoughts

So, these tips can undoubtedly help you be more self-assured and dignified.

You should never apologize for trying to be a better version of yourself, but also remember to keep a fine balance between self-confident and arrogant. If you continue to improve yourself, others will notice it too, and that can only benefit you in the long run.

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