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Geno is a highly talented web designer and developer. His free tutorials have been invaluable to me and my clients and I would recommend him 200%.

Amy Valentine

Wicked Website Designers

As a UK based Web Project manager, I found this business through a facebook group. It is without doubt that the many tutorials on this site have guided me and others to a successful conclusion on adding various coding and layout solutions on the many sites that I have built in the UK. Without Geno’s help and advice found in the tutorials I would have wasted countless hours and given less of a service to my clients.

Geno is, in all honesty a GENIUS – both on coding issues and of course his design skills speak for themselves. I look forward to working with him on many more projects in the future and I have no hesitation in recommending this web business to anyone that cares to listen – both on my side of the water and on his.

Andrew Palmer


Thank you. Your tips have helped me a lot in my development as a web designer. God bless!

Marcelo Gama

Y Gama (Rio de Janeiro)

Geno has been extremely helpful in helping me improve my website! He is really knowledgeable and incredibly generous when it comes to sharing his expertise. I would definitely recommend him!!

Anna Prims

Competent and professional, very generous sharing his knowledge, his waves of inspiration reached also Italy!

Claudio Marchiondelli


You are great contribution to the Divi society.

Gerard Drent


Jerry Simmons helped solve a tricky Ecommerce problem, saving me over 20 hours of manual labor and helping get my project back on track for a timely completion. He responded in timely fashion to all my emails and provided friendly, patient support as we worked through the problem via a live phone call. You won’t find better, friendlier professionals. Thanks, Monterey Premier!

Jeremy Minick

Owner, Enable Web Design

Geno is a truly talented & generous individual, and always more than happy to offer a creative alternative to seemingly impossible design issues. Highly recommended!

Colin Falcon


Geno is a very talented web designer and developer. He’s always there to help and has solved many of my doubts. I highly recommend him!

Maria Cerda

Geno thank you so much for your help, insights and tutorials. Your advise is always spot on. You rock!!

Michael Neuvirth

Your posts are so good. I’m very new at this – built a personal travel blog site a few months ago, started editing it and giving it a makeover (read endlessly playing with css) over the last two weeks – and your tutorials have been such a help! They’re so clear and easy to follow AND have given me awesome inspiration. Thanks! 🙂

Jennifer Forret

Sarge & Jen's Travels

So far away – but always nearby to help. Thanx Geno! Love from Holland!

Fanny Veldmeyer

Geno is a leader in creating custom solutions with the Divi theme and sharing how to tutorials. They are educational and interesting to read, and most importantly, they work! He is also quite kind with his time in answering follow up questions.

Susan Ramos


Geno’s tutorials, tips and guidance have been invaluable to me in motivating me to try some more advanced coding layouts for my sites. His instructions are clear and concise and presented in a way thats easy to follow. I’m loving all the new possibilities I can add to my design work and it adds value for my clients as well. Thanks from “Down Under” Geno!

Leisa Cooper

Stanley Websites (Australia)

Geno’s Blog Tutorials have saved me several times when I was in a pinch. Geno is the Man!

Adam Inlay

Local Websites now

I have learned more design and coding in the past two months with the help of Geno and his Divi tutorials!! So knowledgable and always willing to help! A+ WordPress resource!

Justin Yenderusiak

I first “met” Geno Quiroz when I joined a Facebook user group for the Divi WordPress theme in 2014. Right away, I noticed Geno providing spot-on support to the growing group. Time and again, Geno solved user issues by contributing snippets of CSS code and suggestions, which evolved into well-received tutorials and improvements. By immersing himself in the nuts and bolts of the Divi theme, Geno has been able to fix many of the quirks, problems and stylings that Divi users have asked for. Geno has built a depository of incredibly useful postings on his blog, thanks to his helpful nature and dedication to providing valuable resources to the community.

Kathy Kroll Romana

Viva Design Studio

Geno has been incredibly generous with his time and created some amazing tutorial videos to help DIY entrepreneurs like me put a decent DIVI site together! I could not have done it without his help!! Geno is the best!!

Genevieve Mari


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