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A Non Profit Website Using Big Sur

(A Premium Child Theme for Divi)

Wheelchairs Against Guns is an organization of exceptional individuals living with physical disabilities due to gun violence. Their mission is to protect children from the dangers of bullying, gangs, and gun violence.

Project Summary

The folks at WAG needed someone to build them a site that would help them communicate their cause, reach new audiences, raise awareness and generate donors. The project manager they hired for this was Lou of Brainwave Media.

Lou had all the content ready to go but because of their low budget, he needed to find a solution that would give them a modern, beautiful and bold website design at a low cost. Enter Monterey Premier and their Big Sur Child Theme for Divi.


Features & Benefits


  • Fully Custom Website Design: We were able to take the Big Sur Premium Child Theme for Divi and customize it to the clients color specs and layout requests. Using the child theme cut the development time in half. And since Big Sur is a fully custom design template by us, the client still got a premium custom designed site at a fraction of the cost.
  • WordPress: It was important that they could get in there regularly and edit pages, add images, add videos, create posts and add pages without having any web design experience. Building the website on the WordPress platform gives the client accessibility to tons of free resources, plug-ins and tutorials to one of the most user-friendly web design platforms on the market.
  • Divi Page-Builder: The Divi theme comes with a built in page builder that was made with user experience at the forefront of its priorities. The way it is broken up into sections, rows, columns and widgets, really allows you to understand and edit the structure of your page. Your editing controls are pulled out of the main content area so that you get a clear and concise representation of how your modules fit into your page layout.
  • Responsive Web Design: This simply means that the website is able conform to what ever size device you use whether cell phone, tablet, laptop or PC. So you no longer have to zoom in and zoom out. It’s almost like having our own personal app.

Wheelchairs Against Guns Non Profit Website

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