This file includes:

  • Functions.php
  • Style.css
  • Screenshot.jpg

This file does not include any custom page layouts or settings. It is just a blank Divi Child Theme that you can use on all your new Divi projects.

A Free Basic Divi Child Theme.


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A basic child theme you can use for all your Divi projects. Just install it as you would any other theme by going to Appearance>Themes and  selecting Add New.

How to customize it with your own branding:

  1. Unzip the file once you download it
  2. Open it up and change the header content in the stylesheet
  3. Change screenshot.jpg with your own 880×660 jpg
    1. make sure you keep the name the same “screenshot.jpg”
  4. Rename folder with your Company Name
  5. Re-zip the folder

Now you have your own custom branded child theme which you can install on all your Divi projects.

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