A Custom Post Type For Your Staff

A great way to manage and display your staff, team, volunteers, ministry departments and more. You can create as many staff member posts as you want. Managing staff on Divi has never been easier.

See It In Action

Advanced Meta Boxes

We have added several advanced meta boxes for items like position titles, phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc. This allows us to easily call up these items on archive pages and in the Custom Divi Modules.

Better Team Management

Whether you are a large company with multiple regional associates, or a ministry with a large number of staff, interns & volunteers, this is your solution.


New Customizer Settings

We added several new customizer options so that you can gain more control over the look of meta data. Now you can easily change the colors of the archive page titles, staff names, titles, phone numbers, borders and more

Divi Builder

We have included the option to use the Divi Builder on the Staff Member pages so that you can add more content and features using the other Divi Modules.

Automatic Updates

We have included an auto update feature so that we can easily (and quickly) roll out new modules, features, advanced meta boxes, templates and more. We have several new features in store for this plugin.

The Divi Staff Grid Module

This plugin includes a new custom module called Divi Staff Grid. The Divi Staff Grid module works just like the portfolio module allowing you to display your staff members on any page of your website.

Custom Archive Page Templates

We have created fully custom archive page templates to display important meta-data such as phone numbers and position titles. You can easily link to a single staff member, all staff members, or even departments.

Additional Customizer Settings

We added exclusive settings for our archive page templates and for the meta-data in the single staff member page template. Changing the color schemes in Divi Staff pages is super easy

Download Divi Staff Today

If you are looking for a better way to manage your staff pages, now’s the time to do it. Download Divi Staff today, and start building a more efficient staff management system in your Divi website.

Divi Staff is a Premium Divi Plugin by Geno Quiroz for the Divi Theme